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Senior Spotlight: Jacob Proulx – De Pere football

By Rich Palzewic
Sports Editor

Jacob “Jake” Proulx is a senior at De Pere High School on the football team.

Proulx is still weighing his options for college football but will probably study business.

Possible colleges are UW-Oshkosh, UW-Eau Claire or UW-Whitewater.

In his spare time, Proulx loves watching football, playing fantasy football, supporting the Milwaukee Brewers and being outdoors.

Name: Jacob Proulx (Prule)

Nickname: Jake, Proby

School: De Pere

Sport: Football

Position: Inside linebacker

Parents: Gregg and Tonita

Twitter: @jakecproulx

You are officially the first De Pere senior spotlight for our paper – tell me how that feels!

“I’m proud to say that I am – I feel I’m a good representation for the school and the athletic department.”

Do you have any siblings?

“I have a younger sister named Lauren who is 15 and a sophomore. I also have a younger brother named Tanner who is 10.”

Do you come from a sports family?

“My sister plays volleyball and my brother is huge into baseball. My mom is into tennis and my dad was a soccer, track and football guy – he was a quarterback at Preble.”

How about a high school sport you wish you would have done?

“I wish I would have stayed with baseball. I played up until my sophomore year.”

Can De Pere get back to the playoffs this year? The last time was in 2015, which ironically was the year the Redbirds gave Bay Port its last conference loss.

“Yes we can – I really believe so. With what we’ve built with our team and coaches, it’s a great culture. We have nine seniors returning on defense.”

You’ve dealt with a few concussions and injuries in your playing days.

“I’ve had two concussions when I played for a national team, but nothing while playing at De Pere. I’ve snapped my ankle and deal with shin splints. As hard as it would be, if I get another concussion I’d have to step away.”

What’s it like playing for Coach Michalkiewicz?

“I love it. I’m close to him and a lot of the coaches on the team. He tells me what I’m doing wrong, but he also lets me know what I’m doing well.”

Do you have a most memorable sports moment?

“My sophomore year playing at Pulaski, our outside linebacker tipped a pass and I leaped and caught it. The next Sunday I got tagged on Twitter for a top-five play.”

Do you have a most embarrassing sports moment?

“My sophomore year I got de-cleated by an offensive guard from the other team. I went right on my back, but that turned me around – I’ve done a lot of weightlifting since.”

What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?

“At home, I’m a homebody and a pretty private guy who sticks to himself. Football turns me into a different person.”

Name a person that has made a big impact on your life.

“Definitely my dad. My parents have never pressured me to play sports, but my dad has taught me a lot about leadership.”

What three words best describe you?

“Ambitious, humble, traditional.”

Talk about a favorite family vacation.

“My grandparents live in Montana up in the mountains, so when we go there we hunt, fish, spend time outdoors and do lots of ATV riding.”

How will Jake Proulx be remembered at De Pere High School?

“I’d like to be known as someone who had a positive influence on younger kids. I don’t want to be known just for football, but teaching kids it’s about teamwork and not always about the individual.”

Dogs or cats?


Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes?

“Ski down the slopes.”

Read the book or watch the movie?

“Watch the movie.”

Carpet or hardwood?


College football or the NFL?



Athlete: Wisconsin running back Jonathon Taylor

Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Phone app: Apple music

Holiday: Fourth of July

College mascot: Bucky the Badger

Notes: Suggestions for the De Pere senior spotlight can be submitted to Rich via email ([email protected]) or Twitter (@richpalzewic). All spotlights can be found online at thepress.media.

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