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Senior Spotlight, Alex Spitzer-West De Pere football

By Murray Gleffe 


Name: Alex Spitzer

Parents: Michelle, JR

Activity: Football

Twitter: @AlexSpitzer2

What is it like to be a leader on the football team at West De Pere High School? “I like the fact that I get to be a captain and leader of the team. When I was first coming into the program, I had the older guys take me under their wing. I want to do the same.”

What is your most embarrassing moment ever in football? “When I dropped my mouth-guard in the urinal.”

How many years have you been involved in football? “Six years.”

What is your most memorable moment? “When I ran back a touchdown from 55 yards away.”

What’s the hardest part about performing in a football game?  “To not get too arrogant. For the defense, no matter what the scoreboard reads, I always tell myself it’s 0-0.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be? “Chris Kyle, the American Sniper.”

What is your sports routine before a big game starts? “Listen to music. The defense and I walk out together. Before that, I give a speech to try and fire the guys up.”

Do you have a nickname or something a teammate calls you during a game? “Spitz.”

What is one thing that other teammates or coaches don’t know about you? “I would like to go into law enforcement.”

Winning individual honors or a big team win? “Team win by far. Individual honors don’t mean much to me. To win a state championship, you need a big team win during the playoffs.”

What are your college aspirations? “I would like to go into Criminal Justice.”

What would your dream job be once you graduate? “Become a police officer.”

What are your hobbies? “Hunting, fishing, and hanging out with the guys.”

What is your favorite event ever attended? “Playoff Packer games at home.”

What is your favorite type of music? “Country-rock.”

What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “Look at Craigslist.”

What three words describe you? “Fast, aggressive, physical.”

What is your favorite trip ever taken? “Michigan.”

TV or Outdoor Activities? “Outdoor activities.”


Food: Pizza, steak

Subject: History, gym

Color: Blue

TV Show: “Cops”

Athlete: Luke Kuechly

Ice Cream: Mint

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Fall

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