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Senior Spotlight, Maria Scherer-Ashwaubenon volleyball


By Murray Gleffe


Name: Maria Scherer

Parents: Alfred and Julie Scherer

Activity: Volleyball

Twitter: @mariasch16

What is it like to be a leader on the volleyball team at Ashwaubenon High School? “Being a leader on the team is a big responsibility that I really enjoy. It means more than just having seniority. As a leader, I hope to always bring out the best in all my teammates. I want to be someone that they can rely on in times of need. It’s my responsibility to set a good example for younger players and represent Ashwaubenon volleyball the best I can.”

What is your most embarrassing moment ever in volleyball? “My most embarrassing moment in volleyball was this past club season. I was going up to hit and completely miscalculated, hitting the ball with my elbow. Somehow, the ball still went over the net. At the moment, I was very embarrassed, but looking back I think it’s really funny.”

How many years have you been involved in volleyball? “I started playing volleyball in third grade. When I was younger, I attended a lot of camps and played in little leagues. My first year of club volleyball was in seventh grade.”

What is your most memorable moment? “My most memorable moment in volleyball was actually at the three-day team camp at UW-Madison. We had just finished playing for the day and headed to our dorms to shower. Instead of going to bed like we were all supposed to do, we ended up staying up together in one of the rooms telling stories. Most of the stories were told by Mabel; some so funny that a lot of us cried.”

What’s the hardest part about performing in a volleyball competition? “I think the hardest part about competing in volleyball is not letting the scoreboard dictate the way you play your game. Even when your team is a few or a lot of points behind, it shouldn’t make you give up. Sometimes it can be so difficult to see the light in situations where you may be losing, but those are the moments when you should play your hardest.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be? “I would want to be Lauren Carlini. She’s my all-time favorite collegiate and professional setter. She’s living the dream traveling to different countries and playing on the USA Women’s National volleyball team.”

What is your sports routine before a big game starts? “I don’t have a really exciting sports routine. However, I always put my left knee pad on before my right.”

Do you have a nickname or something a teammate calls you during a game? “Not really, but my name is always associated with the song ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’ from ‘The Sound of Music.’”

What is one thing that other teammates or coaches don’t know about you? “Before I started playing volleyball, I really loved to run. I was involved in a lot of running clubs and even participated in several 5k races.”

Winning individual honors or a big team win? “I think both are equal accomplishments. Volleyball is a team sport so if I were to win an individual honor, I know that it was my team that helped me get that award.”

What are your college aspirations? “I’m not sure where I’m attending college yet. I know I want to major in English or Legal studies. If given the opportunity, I’d also like to play volleyball in college.”

What would your dream job be once you graduate? “My dream job would be to become a paralegal or maybe work in journalism.”

What are your hobbies? “Watch volleyball, read, and ride my bike.”

What is your favorite event ever attended? “My favorite event I’ve ever attended was with my family and church at Silver Birch Ranch. I spent the week in a cabin with my family. It was a real eye opening and fun experience. I spent a lot of time outside and everyday was a new adventure.”

What is your favorite type of music? “Pop and alternative.”

What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “Scroll through Twitter.”

What three words describe you? “Motivated, creative, caring.”

What is your favorite trip ever taken? “My favorite trip was over spring break when my sister and I flew to Florida. We visited my aunt and uncle. It was a lot of fun, especially since it was our first time being that far away from our parents by ourselves. During the trip, we got to see a lot of cool places and even swam in the ocean for the first time.”

TV or Outdoor Activities? “Outdoor activities.”


Food: Chicken alfredo

Subject: English

Color: Green

TV Show: “Law & Order”

Athlete: Lauren Carlini

Board Game: Connect Four

Candy: Twix

Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Summer

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