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Ashwaubenon municipal code, bond schedule amended

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – The village’s municipal code has been changed to adopt various criminal law violations in state law and some additional violations to allow Ashwaubenon Public Safety greater enforcement.

The Ashwaubenon village board voted at its June 26 meeting to approve the changes, which also specify other violations that are in the bond schedule to ensure they are properly adopted by the village’s ordinances.

“This ordinance would adopt them locally, so we would have the ability to issue citations for the offenses that are listed in Ordinance 06-4-18,” said Village Attorney Tony Wachewicz. “So, it basically gives public safety greater enforcement authority, and to also make sure that the specific offenses listed in (Section) 9-1-1 and also linked up are correctly cited in the bond schedule.”

Wachewicz also noted the resolution that goes along with the bond schedule adds in the fine amounts that are needed and necessary for issuing those citations.

“Basically this is just a cleanup to make sure that everything is linked up and fits together and adds in a couple of additional state criminal offenses that we have more enforcement authority to engage in,” he said.

As a result of the amendment passing, Section 9-1-1 of the village code now includes the following:

• Sales of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated persons.

• No licensed bartender on site.

• Parties to crime.

• Battery.

• Negligent operation of a vehicle.

• Negligent handling of burning materials.

• Entry into locked vehicle.

• Sell/print/import obscene material

• Produce/perform in obscene performance.

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