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Synergy Sports Performance relocates to Hobart

Packers player Corey Linsley, left, works with Synergy Sports Performance owner Scotty Smith (Rich Palzewic photo). 


HOBART – Synergy Sports Performance has relocated to 1200 Flightway Drive in Hobart with a brand new, state-of-the-art facility.

Owner Scotty Smith announced last summer that the old building located at 807 Parkview Road in Ashwaubenon had outgrown its use, so construction on the new 18,000 square foot facility began last October and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held June 13.

The new building will allow Synergy to expand the services offered to adults and the active populations. Some of the new services are track lanes, an athlete recovery area, a basketball court, showers, a 30-plus yard turf field and adult fitness and bootcamp programs.

Smith, a graduate of Northern Iowa, has worked with thousands of athletes at all levels over the years to get them stronger, quicker, more confident and more successful. Synergy prepares athletes to excel in any sport.

“So far the response has been very good,” said Smith. “The clients that have been with us see the difference … they see that we can do so many different things now and we’re not right on top of one another.”

Several NFL players work out in the building as well: Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Evan Dietrich-Smith and Packer players Corey Linsley (center), Ty Montgomery (receiver) and Ahmad Thomas (linebacker).

“That is kind of cool,” Smith said with a chuckle. “They like how quiet it is here and how they can go about their business and not be hounded all the time. It’s never a bad thing when you have four or five NFL players working out at your facility in the offseason. Even though we have some big-name guys work out here, we still try to maintain that family environment that we’ve thrived on for all these years. Even if we continue to grow we don’t want to lose what a lot of big companies do when they get big … that personal touch. My staff and I are very adamant about that. We want to maintain what we’ve built in the community and expand on it.”

You will also see plenty of high school and younger-aged kids from all over northeastern Wisconsin, including recent Bay Port grads Spencer Van Petersom and Matt Rotter. The pair will be moving on to play college football at UW-Eau Claire and St. Cloud State respectively.

“It’s a great place … it’s my first time here,” said Van Petersom.

Rotter echoed the same feelings: “I’ve been coming here since they opened and everything is really nice. It’s kind of cool to be lifting weights and see Corey Linsley right next to you.”

When you walk into the facility you will see a rustic look with things, something that Smith said was done on purpose.

“We wanted to have a professional look when you walked in, but not necessarily feel like a gym,” he said. “That area – and the upstairs area – can be a place to relax or maybe for a mom or dad waiting to pick up their kids. Then you walk through the double-glass doors and see everything we offer, and you’re like, ‘Okay, it’s time to get after it.’ It’s more of a homey feel when you walk in and when you leave.”

Smith wouldn’t rule out expansion in the future, but said he doesn’t regret the move one bit or would do anything different with the building.

Smith added, “I have trained in such dirty and dingy places throughout the country … to walk into this and not have to have everyone on a 10-by-10 square, is nice. I jokingly told my trainers that if they can’t teach in an environment like this, they should probably look for a different career.”

Parent Andy Paasch was drawn to the new facility for the athletic training part of it, which he says separates Synergy from a normal gym.

“Honestly, I did check it out somewhat because of it being brand new, but it’s more than just a gym,” Paasch said. “My two boys really like it and can’t wait to come back. It’s also close to home for us. My boys are getting into football and cross country this fall and are looking forward to improving their quickness. I also like the individual attention they get. They had no idea there were Packer players working out next to them!”

Smith noted that one of the big draws to Synergy is the fact that there are great deals for families. After paying full price for one athlete, each sibling thereafter gets a half-price deal.

“We don’t ever want an athlete to feel like they can’t participate in one of our programs because it’s too expensive,” Smith said. “We like to think we make things very affordable for families. We’ll never let anyone use finances as a reason to not do this … we’ll find a way somehow.”

You can follow Synergy on Twitter (@SynergySPGB), Facebook (Synergy Sports Performance and Fields) or Instagram. For more information on programs/rates, Scotty Smith can be reached via phone (920-632-4185) or by email at [email protected].

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