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Food truck rallies coming to Hobart

Brian Miller, owner of Monkey Tailz, stands in front of the flavors he offers at his location on Broadway in Green Bay. He will bring eight flavors to Hobart during the upcoming food truck rally. Ben Rodgers Photo

By Ben Rodgers

HOBART – Those in Centennial Centre on select nights will be able to enjoy a variety of foods brought right to them.
Hobart will be holding food truck rallies from 3-8 p.m. on June 24, July 22 and Aug. 12.

“It’s such a good opportunity to show how much interest there is in food places in our town square area,” said Debbie Schumacher, Hobart village trustee. “Everybody keeps asking for food, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to bring it.”

For the food truck rallies there will be five or six food trucks from the Green Bay area serving foods with a following.

Trucks scheduled to appear include Monkey Tailz ice cream, Maldonado’s, Smoked to the Bone, Taste of Ethiopia, the Caribbean Cruiser and Ice Clouds shaved ice.

“They’re excited to get going and doing this and working together and having these rallies,” Schumacher said. “It’s been so popular in the big cities. It’s fun we’re finally getting on board.”

Participating trucks are part of the Green Bay Food Truck Coalition, a new group that aims to bring food to people, not have people come to the food.

“Anyone that’s inspiring to open a business, I would never open a brick and mortar,” said Brian Miller, owner of Monkey Tailz. “That’s how strong I feel about food trucks.”

Monkey Tailz has a location on Broadway in Green Bay, but Miller said that will eventually close as he wants to put all his time into a food truck.

Miller opened Monkey Tailz in 2014 on Broadway. It took time, effort and money to be in a position where he could have a visible presence during the Wednesday farmers’ market.

At the same time, he purchased what he called his “ice shanty” trailer and went to some events in the Fox Valley.
After a stint with the Fox Valley Food Truck Association he decided Green Bay needs something similar.

“The fact that the first year running the ice shanty trailer we still ran our store, and our sales did the same amount our store did on Wednesday for the farmers’ market,” Miller said.

If Miller didn’t invest in a trailer, he said his business wouldn’t be where it is today.

“I would have folded,” he said. “My store wouldn’t have survived.”

Since then he has purchased a new trailer and is excited to come to Hobart and show everybody why these trucks have a following.

“There’s people here and there’s a demand for it,” he said. “We got to bring something in.”

More information on the food trucks can be found at foodtruckarmada.com and clicking on Green Bay Food Truckers.

There people can find links to social media and take a look at menus ahead of time.

At the rallies there will also be hayrides of Centennial Centre available for a donation to support Bax, the Hobart-Lawrence Police Department K9 Unit.

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