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Senior Spotlight: Isaac Krause – Bay Port football, basketball, track & field



Isaac Krause is a recent graduate of Bay Port High School as a member of the football, basketball and track and field teams.

He was also very active in DECA.

Krause plans to attend UW-Madison to study physics or aeronautical/aerospace engineering.

At this point, he doesn’t think college athletics are in his future plans.

Name: Isaac Krause
School: Bay Port
Sports: football, basketball, track and field
Parents: John and Kathy
Position/events: quarterback/guard/200, 400
Twitter: @KrauseIsaac

Do you have any siblings?
“I have an older sister named Maegan who is 28 that lives down in Milwaukee, my sister Grace will be a senior and my sister Emma is 12 or 13.”

Do you come from a sports family?
“Maegan played tennis and soccer, Grace does soccer, basketball and tennis, and I’m not sure about Emma yet … she’s tall. My dad played football, basketball and did track in high school, and my mom never played sports. My mom’s dad was named Fred Kestly and he was a big basketball coach at Pulaski for a lot of years.”

Three sports is a grind. Did you ever want to just focus on one?
“No. I pretty much always played football and basketball, but after my eighth grade year my parents told me I should really try track and field, so I did that all four years at Bay Port as well.”

How about a sport you wish you could have done?
“Golf. I do like to play.”

You had a phenomenal year at quarterback in football. Did you expect that?
“I wouldn’t say I was surprised at what I did, but I was also confident I could have a year like that. I played quarterback starting in seventh grade and every summer after that I went to camps. I always knew I could throw the ball, but we have predominantly been a running team in the past. I was very happy with the year the team and I had.”

Any chances to play in college?
“I got some D3 looks … St. Norbert, UW-Oshkosh and UW-Stevens Point. I love football, but I didn’t really consider those places. I’ll play intramurals at Madison. I wasn’t sure I wanted to dedicate four or five more years of my life to D3 football and also to school at the same time. I am choosing to focus just on school – I love school.”

Then you broke a bone in your hand during basketball and missed quite a few weeks.
“I was getting a few minutes here and there and then broke my hand, and missed quite a few weeks. It was just hard to work back into the rotation because we were so close to the playoffs.”

Do you have a most memorable sports moment?
“The quadruple overtime game with Stevens Point in the football playoffs … that game was taxing. That for sure wasn’t my best game, but we ended up pulling it out. I just wanted to go to bed after that game.”

How about a most embarrassing one?
“Not one in particular, but I always talk to myself out on the field/court. I’d say things like ‘Come on, Krause, you can’t miss that shot.’ People would give me a hard time about it.”

What did you do in DECA?
“Myself and a few of the other guys did something called Project Care. It was where we would help the special-needs kids and prepare them for life after high school. It was teaching them the basics of the business world and trying to help them communicate with others.”

What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
“I like to read a lot. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and have read all the books twice. I’ve seen all the movies, too.”

What will you miss most about Bay Port?
“Definitely my friends. These past few years I wasn’t very social at the beginning, but sports have helped me make a lot of good friends. They are great people.”

How will Isaac Krause be remembered at Bay Port?
“Hopefully as a servant leader. I don’t care as much about the sports I played. I’d rather be remembered as a person who cared about others.”

Read the book or watch the movie?
“Definitely read the book.”
Cat or dog?
Ice cream or candy?
“If it’s Swedish Fish, I’d take that … otherwise vanilla ice cream.”
Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes?
“Ski down the slopes … I’ve never done it.”
Treehouse or tiny house?


Athlete: Giannis Antetokounmpo
Phone app: Twitter
Color: sky blue
Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse
Holiday: Christmas

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