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Hobart Crossing adding fourth building

By Ben Rodgers

HOBART – More luxury apartments are coming to Centennial Centre with ground set to break this August on the newest building in Hobart Crossing.

In 2014, Centennial Centre Development Partners constructed the first 33-unit building. Since then, two additional buildings with 52 units have been constructed.

On June 5 the village agreed to provide a $150,000 initial incentive and a $150,000 loan to the group for the construction of an $8.5 million, 72-unit apartment building.

The latest building will be the largest residential development in Hobart to date.

“What’s going to be different about the (72-unit building) it’s going to have a little bit of a slant toward smaller units, and this isn’t just the trend, here it’s a trend statewide,” said Steve Atkins, developer with Centennial Centre Development Partners. “There seems to be more of a demand for efficiencies and one-bedrooms, particularly among younger people.”

Renters looking for luxury have options in the Green Bay area, mostly located in downtowns. But something like the apartments in Hobart aren’t found outside of too many main city centers in the area.

“We were among the first to put up these luxury apartment buildings,” Atkins said. “While they might be common in Madison or Milwaukee, they aren’t common here.”

The developer said the amenities set Hobart Crossing apart from the rest.

Those start with an underground garage, then an elevator to all floors. There is a general clubhouse available for renters to book for no charge, and a pool and exercise room.

The apartments feature brand name appliances, granite countertops, tile backsplashes, hardwood floors, 9- to 10-foot ceilings and individual central air in each unit.

“A lot of people have come out of homes that have all these things, then when they go to an apartment that’s their expectation,” Atkins said. “That’s the biggest thing that sets us apart.”

There is also a sense of community at Hobart Crossing that renters find welcoming, said Becky Schlag, property manager with Compass Management.

“We value our tenants,” Schlag said. “We’ve hosted cooking classes, fitness classes; we have a personal trainer who comes for training, if tenants choose to pay for that feature. We have cookouts, parties, and a lot of things.”

For Schlag, it’s the combination of luxury and hospitality that has the three existing properties near capacity.

“Honestly the apartments and the community sell themselves,” she said. “It has made our job quite a bit easier. All we have to do is get people through the door and they tend to appreciate everything we have to offer and want to be a part of what we have here.”

The apartments are expected to be completed by spring 2020.

The new building will still have two-bedroom units available as well.

“We’re still going to have efficiencies, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms,” Atkins said. “We’re just going to have a greater quantity of efficiencies and one-bedrooms because that seems to be where the demand is mostly right now.”

Hobart Crossing is part of Hobart’s Centennial Centre plan, said Aaron Kramer, village administrator.

“The overall Centennial Centre plan, which was adopted several years ago, called for a mixture of single family (homes), apartments, commercial and even a small industrial component,” Kramer said. “Obviously we have a fair amount of single family, as well as the multi-family component and demand remains high. Yes, the commercial component is lagging, but it isn’t for a lack of effort from the village and various developers to bring food, retail and various services to that area.”

Those interested in apartments at Hobart Crossing can contact Compass Management in the fall of 2019.

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