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Senior Spotlight, Sawyer Schultz-Ashwaubenon Baseball






By Murray Gleffe


Name: Sawyer Schultz

Activity: Baseball

What is it like to be a leader on the baseball team at Ashwaubenon High School? “It is an honor to have the opportunity to lead on the baseball team. I enjoy being a positive influence, especially with the younger teammates. It is also fun to get to know other players from different teams and treat them with respect.”

What is your most embarrassing moment ever in baseball? “My most embarrassing moment in baseball happened two years ago playing against Pulaski. Coach told me to bunt the ball to advance the runner on first. As I went to bunt, the ball hit my bat and went right into my nose. I ran a couple of steps and fell over. I got taken out of the game and brought to the hospital. I found out I had broken my nose.”

How many years have you been involved in baseball? “I have been involved in baseball for as long as I can remember. I have played all four years in high school and some extra leagues such as AshPort, and Legion.”

What is your most memorable moment? “My most memorable moment in baseball was the first game of the season my senior year. Winning down in Myrtle Beach was the best moment I have ever had. It made me realize that it is going to be a great season ahead for us.”

What’s the hardest part about performing in a baseball competition? “The hardest part in baseball is keeping your head and energy level up after you strike out or make a bad play.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be? “If I could be anyone for one day it would be Mike Trout, on a game day. He’s an amazing center fielder and it would be great to be on the field with that level of talent playing in front of thousands of fans. It would also be awesome to say that I am an American League MVP.”

What are your college aspirations? “I will be attending Northern Michigan University and plan to get a degree in mechanical engineering.”

What would your dream job be once you graduate? “My dream job would be to play in the MLB. I always wanted to see what it felt like to play in front of a stadium of people.  I know that won’t happen, so I would be excited to get a job as an engineer.”

What are your hobbies? “Some of my hobbies include working on cars with friends, welding, hunting, and fishing.”

What is your favorite event ever attended? “My favorite event I have attended is one of the many Brewer games that I have gone to with my family.”

What is your favorite type of music? “My favorite type of music is country.”

What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “My favorite thing to do on my phone is talk to friends on Snapchat.”

What three words describe you? “Three words that describe me are trustworthy, athletic, and easy going”

What is your favorite trip ever taken? “My favorite trip is the annual pilgrimage to Three Lakes, Wisconsin because it’s a week to relax and spend time with family. I also get to spend a lot of time fishing and riding jet skis.”


Food: Pizza

Subject: Engineering

TV Show: “Friends”

Athlete: Mike Trout

Board Game: Life

Candy: Sour Skittles

Ice Cream: Chocolate

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Summer

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