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Site Plan Review Committee approves trio of alterations

Stadium View, McDonald’s, Titletown building plans backed

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – Three requests for building plans with limited site alterations were approved Tuesday, April 17, by the Ashwaubenon Site Plan Review Committee.

Two of the projects – McDonald’s at 2600 Packerland Dr. and Stadium View at 1963 Holmgren Way – involve improvements to existing structures, while the other involves the construction of a new 2,500-square-foot storage building in the Titletown District.

Jerry Watson of Stadium View and Mark Ihlenfeldt of MJI Building Services appeared before the committee to speak about the planned exterior alteration on the west of Stadium View where the building fronts Holmgren Way.

The alteration calls for “squaring off” both corners along the front building wall with one of the corners incorporating a new main building entrance along with a new brick veneer and concealed fastener metal wall panels.

The plans also call for new glazing to be installed with the possibility of having overhead doors into the patio area. A new outdoor cooler is planned along the north side of the building.

“We see it as a nice improvement to that area,” said Todd Gerbers, village building inspector. “It is kind of updated, I guess, a rebrand.”

Watson said he is keeping the building as a single story because of the additional labor that would be required to run the business with a two-story building.

“If you go up, you’re going to need almost twice the staff, your business will not double,” he said. “Somebody’s going to get screwed up on staffing, and I’d rather give good service than not give good service, handle what I have and we’ll go from there.”

Committee members heard from Joel Jackson of Bishop Engineering about McDonald’s plans to complete its “rebranding” with the building and site alterations at the Packerland Drive location, where there would be noticeable differences in the exterior materials with that request than the rebuilding of the McDonald’s on South Oneida Street.

“I think we’re kind of spoiled with the one we got on Oneida Street,” Gerbers said. “That was a new construction, which is what Joel had mentioned last week, is that’s actually different requirements by McDonald’s Corp. They did a new build versus remodeling.”

Gerbers noted the site alternations would include a limited area of the sidewalk and parking area – adjacent to the north and east sides of the single-story, 3,250-square-foot building – being removed and re-installed to accommodate a new sidewalk with better ADA access and a pedestrian walk delineated through the parking lot to the recreational trail in the right-of-way with only one parking stall eliminated to make room for the connection to the trail.

When asked about whether the McDonald’s at that site would remain open while the building would be worked on, Jackson said the drive-through would stay open when the lobby is closed during the remodeling.

Following this winter’s opening of the tubing hill in the Titletown District, Gerbers said the property developers realized they needed additional space for maintenance.

As a result, Gerbers said a new 2,500-square-foot building to be used for garage/storage and skate rental/storage is now planned directly to the east of the existing maintenance building.

“On the original (planned unit development) plans, this actually called for a tent for Lodge Kohler, an outdoor tent patio,” he said. “There was going to be some structure there of some sort at some point.”

Gerbers said the new building would be a single-story structure and use the same type of brick exterior to match the other maintenance building.

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