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Senior Spotlight: Brianna Clement, Bay Port volleyball

Brianna Clement (Sue Pilz photo) …


Brianna Clement is a senior at Bay Port High School who was a member of the volleyball team, where she helped the Pirates win their first-ever WIAA regional title this past season.

Bri, as most people call her, will be attending UW-Oshkosh this fall and majoring in education. She hopes to become a middle or high school math teacher, and would like to begin taking Spanish again after taking some time off from that.

Name: Brianna Clement
Nickname: Bri
Parents: Kelly & Bryan
School: Bay Port
Sport: volleyball
Position: defensive specialist
Twitter: @brianna_clement

Do you come from a sports family? I know your younger sister Brooke played with you on the team this year, too. “My parents both played sand volleyball – my mom still does. They both still golf and in high school my dad played football, and basketball. My mom did volleyball and soccer. My mom also runs the Howard-Suamico Inferno Volleyball club.”

Speaking of Brooke, she had a very good sophomore year! “Yes! She is very talented. I’m not sure where she will go to college yet, but I can see her playing volleyball once she gets there.”

Have you done any other high school sports besides volleyball? “Not in high school, but when my sister and I were younger we did lots of sports! We played soccer and golfed a lot.”

Do you still golf now? “Once in a while I will still go with my parents. I’m a decent golfer.”

How about a sport you wish you had done? “I always kind of wondered about doing soccer. I couldn’t join the golf team because I was always in volleyball. I could have theoretically done soccer in the spring, but I was always in club volleyball at that time.”

Have you ever played beach volleyball? “I do, yes! We play at The Bar.”

Would winning the school’s first-ever regional title this past season be your most memorable sports moment? “That was an incredible moment that I won’t ever forget! Just to be a part of that history was amazing – knowing we were the first team at Bay Port to do such a thing. We lost to (Appleton East) my junior year so beating them this past season was special. I was proud of my team.”

Could you take a terrible volleyball player like me and make me decent? “I think I could because I know the rules and techniques of the game, which would help me teach someone about volleyball … but the sport takes a lot of practice and reps.”

Do you have an embarrassing sports moment? “Nothing in particular comes to mind, but maybe just taking a ball off the chest or something.”

What is something about you most people don’t know? “I like to travel a lot. I’d like to try and visit as many states and countries as I can. I went to Mexico over our spring break. I’d like to go to Europe and South America when I get older. I spend a lot of time at Spark, too.”

What are some of your hobbies? “It’s mostly volleyball, but I like to hang out with friends, too. I help my mom out with her club and give private lessons as well.”

What’s on your music playlist? “I like country music a lot. My favorite singers/groups are George Strait, Luke Bryan, Lee Brice and Kane Brown. I go to Country USA in Oshkosh every year.”

What superhero would you be? “I have no idea! Is there a Wonder Woman? It’s probably the only superhero I know!”

What three words best describe you? “Caring, supportive, funny.”

Is volleyball in your future? “I think intramural volleyball at college would be fun. I also see myself playing on some rec leagues in the future.”

I remember that teammate Mady Schroeder said either you or Brooke should have your own reality TV show because you two were so funny … explain! “She’s probably right! I think because my sister and I have such a close relationship, we can joke around with each other and some people think that’s really funny.”

How will Brianna Clement be remembered at Bay Port High School after graduation? “Probably as a hard worker who applied myself in school. I’m also a very supportive friend who likes to go to their events and give them support.”

What will you miss most about Bay Port? “Probably all the relationships I’ve made with the teachers and my friends. I will miss playing volleyball with my sister, too. That was a very big part of my senior year.”

Tiny house or tree house? “Neither … big house!”
Fruits or veggies? “Fruits.”
Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes? “Lie on the beach.”
Reading or writing? “Reading.”
Puppies or kittens? “Puppies.”


Food: spaghetti
Athlete: (volleyball player) Misty May-Treanor
Subject: math
Cereal: Frosted Flakes
App: Snapchat

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