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Senior Spotlight: Erin Ross – Bay Port girls soccer, volleyball

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Erin Ross is a senior member of the Bay Port girls’ soccer team and played volleyball as well. The soccer team made it to the state finals a year ago and the volleyball team won its first-ever regional title.

She plans on attending the University of West Florida to major in marine biology.

Name: Erin Ross
Nickname: Ross, Ross the Boss
Parents: Mike & Rhonda
School: Bay Port
Sports: soccer, volleyball
Twitter: @314erin

How about a sport you wish you could have done? “I’m not really a swimmer, but I always thought that would have been fun. I could never do it because it was in the same season as volleyball.”

Do you have any siblings? “I have an older sister named Emily and she is majoring in elementary/special education at Minnesota-Duluth.”

Do you come from a sports family? “My sister and I played soccer together when she was a senior and I was a freshman. She also played volleyball and did one year of soccer at Duluth. My mom was played volleyball in high school and my dad did baseball.”

How was that having your sister on the soccer team for one year at Bay Port with you? “It was really cool! It helped make it easier for me playing with kids that much older than me because one of them was my sister. I was a freshman and she was a senior.”

Are you involved in any clubs? “I’m in Student Council and German Club.”

Can you speak German fluently? “I wouldn’t say fluently, but I’m getting better. I’d like to go over to Germany someday. I just think it’s a nice tool to have.”

Expectations are high for the soccer team this year! “I know last year we had a great year and weren’t expecting to make it as far as we did. We have to keep in mind what we did last year and keep working hard. I would say we should be right up there again.”

Would going to the state championships soccer game be your most memorable sports moment? “That was awesome, but winning the conference title was pretty special, too. We hadn’t done that in a while here!”

How about a most embarrassing sports moment? “Last summer before volleyball season we were setting up the nets and I was walking over with the nets in my hands. My shoes were broken at the time, as I was waiting for my new ones to arrive. I tripped over the front flap and I completely face-planted over the nets while everyone was setting up. I didn’t think anyone saw me, but they did.”

What superhero would you be? “Superman because he has the ability to fly.”

Name a movie you’re afraid to admit that you like! “I like all the High School Musical movies! I know they’re more for younger kids, but I still really like watching those.”

If you could have lunch with anybody, who would it be? “The musical group Lumineers. They seem really cool and would be fun to chat with.”

What’s the story with wanting to be a marine biologist? “Ever since I was little I’ve just always loved being around and in the water. I’ve been to Florida a couple times and since then I’ve known I wanted to study the ocean and all the animals in it.”

Is there something about you most people wouldn’t know? “My car is a super-old minivan. A lot of people like their cars, but ‘Therese’ is treated like a family member.”

What three words best describe you? “Sarcastic, energetic, outgoing.”

Do you have any bad habits? “I bite my nails a lot. It’s super hard for me to stop.”

What person/people have had the most influence on you? “My sister for one because we are so similar in all of our interests. Secondly, my club coach Mel Buckmaster. He’s been an influential person in my life from when I was younger.”

How will Erin Ross be remembered at Bay Port? “I want to be definitely remembered as a person who was always willing to do anything that was asked of them and as an outgoing, and fun person to be around.”

What will you miss most about Bay Port? “I will definitely miss the sports and all the friends I’ve made over the years.”

Carpet or hardwood? “Carpet.”
Tree house or tiny house? “Tree house.”
Pizza or spaghetti? “Pizza.”
Read the book or watch the movie? “Watch the movie.”
Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes? “Lie on the beach.”


Subject: science
Candy: Peanut Butter M&M’s
Ice cream: PlayDough
Holiday: Fourth of July
Board game: Sorry

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