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Site Plan Review Committee backs Titletown Tech building

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – The fourth building to be constructed in the Titletown District, known as Titletown Tech at 1025 Lombardi Ave., received the backing Tuesday, March 20, from the Ashwaubenon Site Plan Review Committee.

Committee members made a telephone conference call to New York with Michael Cantor of Sterling Project Development, the project management company for the building development that is a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft.

Village Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator Todd Gerbers informed the committee the planned Titletown Tech building was part of the original planned unit development (PUD) for the Titletown District, which also includes the existing Lodge Kohler, Hinterland, Bellin and the plaza with the tubing hill.

“The site plan itself has already been approved… utilities are in place, parking is in place,” Gerbers said. “So, the footprint itself is really what’s here, and the requirement for the PUD approval was that the Site Plan Review Committee had to review and approve the architecture of the building, basically, and general access, from public safety, that type of thing.”

Gerbers reviewed the required and recommended conditions prior to issuing a building permit, such as the public safety requirements and having bicycle parking compatible with recommendations of the Association of Bike and Pedestrian Professionals.

He said the committee’s approval is the final step of the PUD approval process and doesn’t have to go to the full village board.

Gerbers noted the building would have a height of two stories, mostly masonry with large amounts of glazing.

Though there would be an occupiable roof on the eastern portion of the building, Gerbers said the roof would only be open to employees and patrons of the building and not the general public.

“It’s probably going to be just seasonal, of course,” he said. “You’re not going to be up there in the wintertime – as of right now, it’s not the plan.”

Gerbers said the building will have an industrial-type look, which is compatible with what is intended for the district.

Cantor said the entire second floor of the building “is meant for offices and collaboration space.”

“Half (of) the building on the second floor is earmarked for the offices of Titletown Development, which is the real estate operating arm of the Green Bay Packers…,” he said. “And then on the east side of the building is the collaboration space for a concept called Titletown Tech, which we announced with Microsoft (last October).

“That’s where we’ll have the Titletown venture fund, the accelerator/incubator where we’ll bring up start-up activities to the district for new companies for them to grow and get investment in Green Bay. Microsoft will have a few dedicated employees there as well that will be permanently working out of the building. So, we’ll have a Microsoft presence and a start-up business presence on the second floor.”

The first floor of the building, Cantor said, would be used for commercial/retail space.

“We have not 100 percent filled those spaces yet,” he said. “We’re in initially conversations, but they’re not far along with any tenant at the moment. I’m not concerned about us getting people in there. There’s been a lot of excitement about this building.

“We’re looking forward to just retail/commercial. Potentially, one that I think will be very exciting is Microsoft is potentially considering a tech showcase space in some of the retail space as well, where patrons can come in and interact with some of Microsoft’s newest technologies.”

When asked by Trustee Gary Paul if the Titletown District would have a dog park, Cantor said that “would probably be best located in Phase II, closer in residential.”

“We’re still figuring how much size to allocate to it, but if it comes in, and we’re thinking about it, it would be part of Phase II, more toward the residential area.”

For the initial phase of the Titletown District, which is all that has been approved so far, Cantor said there is nothing in those plans to build a dog park.

Though a sign with “Titletown USA” is planned for the top of the building, Cantor said those plans are currently on hold.

“We’re getting through some final conceptual designs that we need to get out to some subcontractors for potential costs, before we would be ready to submit to you for final approval on it,” he said.

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