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With a new role comes new responsibility

By Ben Rodgers

Change is a constant in life, and with positive change almost always comes a greater responsibility.

As the new editor of The Press I welcome both.

This newspaper has survived for decades because of you, the reader.

It’s your stories, your challenges and your triumphs that we cover that sets The Press apart from the competition.

I deeply understand that and want to continue that tradition of being your local newspaper.

In my time as a staff writer I have come to meet numerous inspirational people and told numerous stories that I found touching but also necessary to report on.

We will continue to deliver those stories as often times they are what makes life worth living.

Stories about families hanging onto hope, about someone risking it all to open their dream business, stories about people caring, stories about life and the passion needed to succeed.

But also in-depth meeting coverage that brings to light what happens when heads of municipalities meet.

Being a voice for the communities we cover is a great honor and greater responsibility for me and it will not be taken lightly.

But the way we consume media is changing, sometimes faster than we’d like to admit.

I aim to make The Press website the go-to source for all the stories that matter.

I want to strive to not only tell your stories but also engage with you.

I want more letters to the editor, I want more comments online, in short I want our online presence to be a community where people can come and share what’s important to them.

After numerous years in the newspaper industry I can tell you this is easier said than done.

However, the first step lies with us as a publication and a refined commitment to be there with boots on the ground, covering the news with an unbiased opinion.

You, the reader, have my unwavering commitment in that we will be there for you.

This newspaper will not only continue to survive, but will continue to thrive, however only if done right. I believe that statement to the core of my being.

At The Press, we will do it right, you have my word.

The Green Bay area is fortunate to have numerous new sources, but we will be there when others are not, covering the events that are important to you.

On the other side of the coin I also understand the importance of being there first and getting you the story before anyone else.

It’s a challenge and commitment that we will tackle head on.

So at this time I invite you to visit our website, thepress.media and see the for yourself the strides we have been making as a publication.

Our Facebook page is a great place to start and see for yourself the foundation we have started laying for an online community.

I welcome you to share your thoughts and opinions on local issues as a letter to the editor.

Finally I encourage you to share your thoughts and story ideas with me at [email protected].

This is an exciting time to lead the community fixture known as The Press. I understand both the importance and necessity of what we need to do.

I will build on the legacies of those before me to take The Press into more homes and on more screens while telling the stories that matter.

Come along for the ride, and join our community. You will not be disappointed.

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