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Seasonal weight limits to take effect in Hobart

HOBART – Effective Monday, March 12, the village will be placing maximum weight limits of 8,000 pounds on certain village roads.

Weight limits are put into place during the spring thaw to minimize pavement damage caused by heavy vehicles.

Permit applications to permit weights exceeding the stated limit will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Anyone looking to inquire if road limits are still in effect, or that are interested in securing a permit should contact one of the Village staff members below.

• Jerry Lancelle, Public Works & Utilities coordinator, phone: 655-3719, email: [email protected].

• Allyn Dannhoff, Director of Neighborhood Services, phone: 869-3809, email: [email protected].

Weight Limits are generally in place for approximately one month, depending on the weather conditions experienced.

Village roads with year round weight restrictions

• Shady Drive – entire length
• North Overland Road – State Highway 54 to County Trunk J
• Cyrus Drive – entire length
• Valley Stream Circle – enire length
• South Overland Road – entire length
• South Pinetree Road – south of County Trunk EE, Orlando Drive

Seasonal Road Restrictions

North of Wisconsin Highway 172

• Sunlite Drive – entire length
• Forest Road – Hill Drive to Sunlite Drive
• Hidden Trail – entire length
• Indian Trails – all village roads bounded by State Highway 29 and County Trunks FF and J
• Rolling Meadows Road – entire length
• Rolling Heights Road – entire length

South of State Highway 172

• West Adam Drive – County Trunk GE to County Trunk U
• Florist Drive – entire length
• Luther Drive – entire length
• Noah Road – County Trunk U to village boundary
• Nathan Drive – entire length

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