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Jaguars Student Spotlight: Jeremy Cox-Basketball

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

Name:                Jeremy Cox


Activity:            Boys Basketball


Twitter:            @JERMS_


Jeremy Cox is a two-year varsity performer on the Ashwaubenon Jaguars basketball team.

In his junior season, Cox averaged a shade over two points a game in reserve duty.

As a Senior, he took over the off-guard position, and averaged 6.9 points per game while becoming a deadly outside shooter.

In addition, Cox dished out 30 assists and played tenacious in-your-face defense on the opponents two-guard.



What is it like to be a leader on the basketball team at Ashwaubenon High School?  “Being a leader on the basketball team is very fun and humbling at the same time. It isn’t always easy when things are not going well but you have to keep your composure and motivate your team. It is also exciting because the younger guys look up to you and it is your job to teach them everything they need to know for the next season.”


What is your most embarrassing moment ever in basketball?  “Last year during practice, the team was running a 5 on 5 drill with Coach P (Peterson). I was cutting through the lane under the hoop when suddenly Coach P passed me the ball. Unfortunately, I was not ready for the pass or was not looking at the ball and was hit in the face with it. He yelled at me ‘Put your hands up,’ as I was falling to the ground. The team laughed at my pain. It wasn’t funny at the time, but now we all joke about it.”


How many years have you been involved in basketball?  “I have been involved in basketball ever since the third grade. I played in a lot of three on three tournaments when I was little and had a lot of fun with them.”


What is your most memorable moment ever in basketball?  “My most memorable moment ever in basketball was last year. We were playing Southwest at home and it was a close game that went back and forth. We were down by three with 28 seconds left in regulation, when Ben Wittig stole the ball from Jason Simmons and got fouled going in for a layup. He converted the and one situation and we went into overtime. During overtime, our team was up by one and with 35 seconds left Anthony Guarascio found me under the rim. I ball faked the defender and put it in. We ended up winning the game 53-49.”


What’s the hardest part about basketball?  “The hardest part of basketball to me is playing as a team. Everyone on the court has a different mind-set compared to you and trying to figure out what they are thinking is hard. It takes a lot of communication and practice to fully understand there thought process. You have to play with confidence as well. When you’re having a bad game or you miss a couple of shots, you can’t let that get in your head. Overcoming and snapping out of that is really hard and tough to do, but you have to find a way in order for the team to be successful.”


If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be?  “If I could be someone for the day, I would like to be my Grandpa. I would like to see what the life of a retired man is like waking up super early to have a “busy day” as he puts it! I would really like to having nothing to do but run errands, four-wheel with friends, watch the game show network, and play cards.”


What are your college aspiration? “I plan on attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire or UW-La Crosse. I am unsure of my major right now.”


What would your dream job be once you graduate?  “As every kid dreams of playing professional sports when they are older, I sadly cannot rely on that. My dream job would be getting paid for work I enjoy doing.”


What are your hobbies?  “Outside of sports, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like to go boating, activities on the water such as tubing and wakeboarding, camping with my family, going adventuring in the woods, and making s’mores by the fire at night. In addition, I like to hunt with my grandpa in the fall. When I am not with my family, I like to hang out with friends and just chill. One hobby that I just got into that is a lot of fun and super relaxing is hammocking.”


What is your favorite event ever attended?  “My favorite event I attended was three years ago. The Milwaukee Bucks hosted the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs. I went with my friend Griffin. The Bucks won on a buzzer beater when Jerryd Bayless made a contested layup to end the game. The crowd went crazy including myself.”


What is your favorite type of music?  “I like a wide variety of music anywhere from country, rap, hip-hop, to the 70`s. My favorite type of music though is 2000’s pop.”



What is your favorite thing to do on your phone?  “My favorite thing to do on my phone is to stream social media and see what everyone is doing.”


What three words describe you?  “Funny, genuine, adventurous”



What is your favorite trip ever taken? “Almost every year my family and I go camping in Pentwater,MI. It is a place we have been going to ever since I was six years old. We have a fun time laying on the beach, walking through the small town, having ice cream every night, and spending quality time with each other.”





Chicken Pot Pie





TV Show:

Impractical Jokers



Buddy Hield


Board Game:






Ice Cream:

Mackinaw Island Fudge









Comments on Jeremy Cox: “Jeremy has been a great asset for our program,” commented Jaguars Basketball Coach Chris Karcz. “He is a leader on and off the court who understands what is necessary for us to be successful.  He is a great teammate who understands the game and has the ability to put the ball in the hoop when we need a basket.  He has been a pleasure to coach this year.  I wish he was back next year, but I know he will be successful in future endeavors.”

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