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Howard village board splits 4-3 to allow U-Haul rentals at Velp Mobil

Up to 3 units permitted in front of lot

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer 

HOWARD – The six village trustees present were evenly divided Monday, Feb. 26, when Howard President Burt McIntyre cast the deciding vote in favor of a conditional use request from Velp Mobil at 1855 Velp Ave. to have U-Haul rentals with outdoor sales and storage.

Trustees Chris Nielsen, Cathy Hughes and Mike Hoppe voted against the conditional use, while Ray Suennen, Adam Lemorande and Craig McAllister joined McIntyre in favor. Trustees Ron Bradael and Jim Lemorande were absent.

The conditional use allows no more than three trucks or trailers at a time to be located in front of the lot that faces Velp Avenue and no more than three additional trucks or trailers located in the staging area at the rear of the business. Signage is limited to the existing vacant sign board.

The approval is for only a one-year period, so if Velp Mobil would want to continue having U-Haul rentals after March 1, 2019, the business would have to reapply and be granted approval of that conditional use.

The discussion leading up to the board’s vote focused on whether keeping U-Haul rentals at that site would create an “eyesore” in the area, with which Hoppe said he had an issue.

Nielsen questioned whether another U-Haul business was necessary, noting those rentals were available at other businesses within a few miles from Velp Mobil.

Suennen said having three U-Haul rental units parked in front of Velp Mobil wouldn’t be much.

McIntyre said if the board wanted to go after clutter in the area, it should go after car dealerships.

“I have a problem restricting people from making a living,” he said.

McIntyre said the matter could be readdressed in a year if there would be a problem with U-Haul rentals kept at Velp Mobil.

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