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Low bid on road projects leaves door open for village

By Ben Rodgers
Staff Writer

HOBART – Lower than expected bids could result in additional road projects being sought in the village of Hobart for 2018.

“Due to the fact that the bid for the projects came in considerably lower than the 2018 capital budget anticipated, staff will review road projects that were targeted for 2019 and beyond to see if they can be brought forward and undertaken in 2018,” said Aaron Kramer, village administrator.

Village engineers typically try to estimate projects costs on the high side, when bids come in lower it allows for more available funds.

For these road projects the bid came in roughly $450,000 less than anticipated.

Kramer said the result leaves the village a few options.

“None of this is being put on the credit, because we’re not borrowing money, it’s all cash on hand or cash we have in the bank,” he said. “By coming in under what we budgeted we’re just going to take less money out of the rainy day fund for capital projects or do more projects.”

The village has a roads plan out to 2022, some of those projects may get moved up to this year. He said the board will likely decide by June or July what the updated plan will be.

At the Feb. 20 meeting, the board approved a bid from Northeast Asphalt for $770,545 for the following road projects:

• North Overland Road (Trout Creek to Hickory Drive)

• Hunters Run (North Overland to North Overland)

• Meadow Lane (North Overland to terminus)

• Hickory Lane (North Overland to Hickory Way)

• Trout Creek (Hidden Trail to North Overland)

The following bridge projects were also approved at the meeting.

• South Overland at Adam

• North Overland at Sunlite

• Forest Road

• Geneva Road

Two stormwater projects were also approved:

• Curb and gutter at North Overland south of Wisconsin Highway 54

• Indian Trail Curb and Gutter

Additionally, the parking lot at Fire Station No. 2 will be replaced and expanded to permit more parking for firefighters.

The work on these projects will likely start in May or June and the village will communicate with residents so they are able to plan accordingly.

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