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Feldsteins opens in Howard

By Ben Rodgers
Staff Writer

HOWARD – The Green Bay area has a new diamond jeweler and this one is a family affair.

Feldsteins just opened a new location at 1803 Condor Lane just off of Lineville Road.

Scott Francois saw a need in the area for a reputable, family-owned jeweler.

After three years of owning the land and conducting research it was time to open the doors.

The main thing he wanted to accomplish was giving customers creativity and a quick turnaround at the same time.

“We’re in full control of everything, we don’t have to depend on someone,” Scott said. “We’re the end of the road and we’ll deliver when we say we’ll deliver.”    

Scott likens himself to a head coach, while his wife Julie is like a general manager.

“The most important part of the company is Julie, my wife. She works harder than anybody in the company and she will outwork anybody,” he said. “She loves the customers and the people that work for her, she truly is the most important person.”

The two brought in their sons, Mitch and Tommy to help run the organization.

Tommy is a graduate gemologist, with a knowledge that lends him to the front of the store.

Mitch is a goldsmith designer who works on the manufacturing side of things.

According to Scott this new location is because of them.

“I was actually glad when they decided to take this path,” he said. “We needed them. We bought this property because of my sons. We’re in Green Bay because it’s a family business.”

This is the second location the Feldsteins has opened as it still operates a store in Marinette, home of the original store since 1892.

In 1892 Charles Feldstein won a deed to land in Marinette during a poker game in Austin, Texas.

He visited the booming lumber community and opened a store.

He had three sons, one kept the Marinette location going, another opened a location in Escanaba, Michigan and operated it until the 1960s, and the third opened a store on Washington Street in Green Bay, which was operated until the 1940s.

Through marriage Scott and Julie ended up running the Marinette location and now expanded back into the Green Bay area.

“We’re here to stay,” Scott said. “One hundred twenty six years is what we’ll be celebrating. We are one of the oldest jewelers in the state. To young people that doesn’t matter but to old folks they correlate with that because that right there is trust.”

However, technology has changed in the 126 years from when the first store opened.

Now the staff uses computer-aided design programs to create custom rings.

People even come in with their own ideas and get the ring of their dreams.

“If you can dream it, we can create it,” Scott said.

Because all the work is done in house, this results in fast turnaround times, usually within 24 hours, depending on the project.

“We are different than everybody else and that’s why we’re successful,” he said.

Plus Feldsteins is a full service retail jeweler, meaning it also carries brand names such as Pandora, Levian and Gabriel.

Scott said the company has been successful because it respects the customer.

“The minute you walk in the door we try to get to know you,” he said. “We’re not the type of jeweler that is going to push you, we’re not pushy. If you say ‘Hey this is what I want to spend,’ that’s what we’re going to show you. We know what you say is what you mean.”

Feldsteins is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

More information can be found online at feldsteins.com. Feldsteins is also on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter.

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