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Senior Spotlight: Caden Swanson – Bay Port band


Caden Swanson is a senior at Bay Port actively involved in the band, where he plays drums.

He plans to attend UW-Platteville and study electrical engineering, and music.

Caden was on the Pirates’ swimming team from his freshman to junior years, but chose not to join this season so he could focus on his studies and music.

Name: Caden Swanson
Parents: Mitch & Kathi
School: Bay Port
Clubs/activities: band

Do you have any siblings? “Yes, I have one brother named Logan who graduated from Bay Port in 2016.”

Talk more about not going out for swimming this year. “There were no hard feelings, but the way I looked at it, I’m not going to pursue swimming in college or in my life; so I would rather use my time actively pursuing what I plan to pursue – music.”

Any regrets to not joining? “Not really. I miss the guys, but it was a lot of time.”

Let’s talk about band…why drums/percussion? “My freshman year I played trumpet. I was sitting in a lesson and saw another band member playing the drums through a window. It inspired me to buy a drum kit that same summer and start learning. I played baritone my sophomore year before being a drummer the last two years.”

Can you play any other instruments? “I could probably still make some sounds on the trumpet and baritone, and maybe play ‘Mary had a little lamb or something.’ I play a little bass guitar and I’m starting to learn the piano.”

When did you know you had an interest in music? “I always liked band, but it wasn’t until my freshman year that I really started getting into band.”

Since you like music so much, what’s on your playlist? “I love heavy metal of all varieties and I love jazz. It’s kind of a diverse mix!”

Electrical engineering and music seems like an unusual mix to study in college? “I want to design musical electronics or maybe be an audio engineer. It sounds all over the place, but it’s more related once you think about it.”

How about some other hobbies? “Music is pretty much all I like to do, but I like to hang out with friends and play video games. I like fishing, too.”

If you could be someone for a day, who would it be? “Gene Krupa. He was a jazz and big-band drummer back in the 20s and 30s. He was an insanely good drummer.”

What three words would describe you? “Musical, smart, fun.”

How about your favorite family vacation? “We went to South Dakota when I was like 8. We were driving down one of these highways out in the middle of nowhere and I had to go to the bathroom. My brother wanted to come out, too, and jumped out of the car right into a pile of bear pooh.”

Is there a place you’d like to go? “Italy to immerse myself in the culture or New Zealand just because it’s a beautiful place.”

If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be? “With my family – it’s entertaining!”

If you could have one wish, what would it be? “I would wish for a really good sandwich. Sometimes you get a sandwich and it’s not really that great. I’d save the wish for like 40 years until I was like 60 and cash it in.”

Is there a teacher/staff member at Bay Port that has influenced you the most? “Corey DeGuelle, who teaches early-level math. He directs ‘Gig Zone,’ which is a club that my friend Nathan and I run to get kids’ musical gifts more out in the community.”

What will you miss most about Bay Port? “The band department, but above all, (band director) Mr. Appel. He’s been the person that has supported me the most when it comes to music. He has pushed me.”

How will Caden Swanson be remembered at Bay Port? “You just have to wait and see!”

Apples to Apples or Monopoly? “Apples to Apples. I will never play Monopoly again in my entire life. I played it once with my friends and we played for like five hours.”
Ice cream or candy bar? “An ice-cream candy bar.”
Thanksgiving or Christmas? “Christmas.”
Tree house or tiny house? “Tree house because it would cool to be up in the trees.”
Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes? “I’ve never skied before, so I’ll say ski down the slopes.”


Subject: physics
Food: pepperoni calzone
Ice cream: anything peanut butter
Cereal: I love all cereals equally
Book: fantasy books

Notes: suggestions for the Senior Spotlight can be submitted to Rich via email ([email protected]) or by Twitter (@richpalzewic)… all spotlights can be found online at thepress.media. Check out last week’s spotlight on Bay Port theatre/drama member Allie Young.

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