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Meet the candidates for the Howard primary

By Ben Rodgers
Staff Writer

HOWARD – This year’s primary in Howard will see three candidates square off for two open spots in the general election on April 3.

Jim Lemorande, the incumbent who represents wards 9 and 10 will face Scott Beyer and Tim Meves on Feb. 20 with the two top vote getters advancing to the general election.

The Press emailed five questions to each candidate with a maximum of 250 words per answer. Below are profiles of each candidate along with their answers.

Name: James “Jim” Lemorande
Occupation: Retired from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Family: Wife, Barbara, sons, Luke and Matthew, daughter Heidi
Any organizations you belong to: St. John the Baptist Church, Howard community member for 49 years, lifelong resident of Brown County

Why are you the best candidate for the job?
“I have been with the village board on and off since 1991. I have developed and continue to have ongoing, good-working relations with the other village board members and administrative staff. The board has kept taxes low during my time in office. My 32-year career with the Wisconsin DOT has provided me with a great deal of knowledge and relatable experience that I apply to my role as trustee. I have very conservative values and I work to protect taxpayers’ interests and spend their dollars wisely. Being retired allows me the time to be available and flexible to attend meetings as well as listen to constituents and address their concerns.”

What in your opinion is the best thing the village of Howard has going for it?
“There remains lots of room to expand within village boundaries. The village has no debt. The village pays cash for their purchases. Howard has excellent schools and low taxes.”

What steps can the village take to increase residential and commercial development?
“There are presently over 200 residential lots that are either sold or waiting to be sold. Commercial development has over 20 acres of land out near Kropp’s Supper Club that the village owns and is shovel ready for new business/industry development.”

What in your opinion needs work? Why?
“Roads – Our reads have been deteriorating throughout the village and need to be resurfaced. The village needs better entrances/exits of Highway 29 near Maplewood Meats.”

What would you do to address the problem?
“Redo the intersection of Maplewood Meats. Also I would pursue redoing Evergreen Avenue and Milltown Road.”

Name: Scott Beyer
Occupation: Human Resources, Talent Development Manager
Family: Heather Beyer, wife, Paige Beyer, Morgan Beyer, daughters
Any organizations  you belong to: Howard Community Development Authority, member, Howard Small Biz Partnership Committee, chairman, Comprehensive Plan Ad-Hoc Committee, member

Why are you the best candidate for the job?
“I’m the best candidate for the job because I’m a strategic visionary. Often times it is easy for
municipalities and elected officials to get caught in the whirlwind of solving for immediate needs which results in short-term fixes that have negative impacts on long term outcomes. In this role I believe my forward thinking will provide intellectual insight and responses to accomplishing long term objectives vs. being reactive to what’s directly in front of us.”

What in your opinion is the best thing the village of Howard has going for it?
“Howard is the finest place to raise a family. My wife, a Howard native, and I have raised both our children in Howard. Both received a great education in a safe environment and have had the opportunity to make quality friends. Also through Howard’s many recreational offerings, both of my daughters were able to participate in activities that challenged them both physically and mentally. Thanks to the school district, recreational programs and quality relationships, my daughters have become well rounded individuals who make me very proud.”

What steps can the village take to increase residential and commercial development?
“The village needs to proactively and selectively prospect and market to quality commercial developments that draw quality residents. Whether the developments are small businesses or mid- to large-size corporations, the village needs to attract businesses that create jobs so Howard residents cannot only live in Howard, but work there as well vs. having to commute to other communities to find employment.”

What in your opinion is one thing that needs work? Why?
“Continued development of and connectivity to the village center needs to progress at a quicker pace. The concept of having a central location for community members to connect and participate in events will build stronger bond between residents within the community. It would also be an opportunity for residents, children and adults, to find entertainment opportunities within the community vs. having to travel to neighboring communities to find things to occupy their leisure time.”

What would you do to address the problem?
“I don’t see the continued development of the village center as a ‘problem,’ but more as an opportunity for the village to continue to evolve offerings for the residents. To address this opportunity, the village needs to take an inventory of events/activities that are meaningful to residents and look for a cost effective way to provide access.”

Tim Meves did not respond to inquiries from The Press to provide answers for this article.

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