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NHL 94 tournament coming to Ashwaubenon

By Ben Rodgers

Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – The best retro gamers of a video game classic will be in Ashwaubenon looking to see who comes out on top.

A Fleury of Goals, an NHL 94 Tournament, will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 24 at Edge VR Arcade, located at 2642 Packerland Drive, Suite 1.  

As for the game, NHL 94 is considered the best for the sport among many video gaming purists.

“It’s a game many of us grew up with and it was the first game that took both the NHL Players Association and the NHL team licenses and merged them into a game,” said Troy Frisque, tournament organizer. “It improved on so many features, the one-timer and the manual goalie control.”

With NHL 94 it was the first time someone could pick up the controller and win the Stanley Cup with their favorite player on their favorite team.

Gamers on Feb. 24 will be playing for Lord Manley’s Cup, a tribute to one of the most famous trophies in all of sports.

As the game has a cult following many of the top players in the world will be making their way to Ashwaubenon to participate.

There will be games played on both the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.

This includes gamers from Sacramento, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona, Illinois, St. Louis, Detroit, Toronto and Ottawa.  

Special guests include the professional hockey announcer for the Madison Square Garden Network Arda Ocal, as well as live organist Dan Rafferty.

But if you want to watch in person you need to participate. There are currently a few limited spots still available.

Cost is $30 and the price includes a $20 gift certificate to Edge VR Arcade.

People can sign up online at tinyurl.com/fleury2018.

People who can’t make the tournament can still stream the games from the comfort of their home.

Information for streaming can be found at Facebook.com/gbnhl94

The live stream is intended as a way for more people to watch not only the tournament games, but also an attempt at setting a new world record for scoring differential in a game of NHL 94.

A recent world record on Genesis for two on two was recently broken by Angryjay93 and Coachmac. There are plans to stream a world record attempt competition featuring the former and current world record holders.

Frisque is just excited to bring a retro gaming tournament to the area.

“I wanted to run a large scale Tecmo Super Bowl tournament, but that’s already currently being done, so we wanted to do something unique to our area. NHL 94 was just the ticket,” he said.

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