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Jaguars advance 10 to Wrestling Sectional

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

KAUKAUNA-It was a good day to be in an Ashwaubenon Jaguars wrestling uniform Saturday afternoon at the WIAA Kaukauna Regional (Feb. 10).

The Jaguars qualified 10 of the 14 available spots to next Saturday’s Sectional in Green Bay.

Cody Minor and Fernando Coronado each won a Regional Championship (106 and 126 lbs. respectively), and Noah Leisgang and Connor Ramage both finished in the Runner-Up position.

Minor breezed through to the title match with a fall in the semis and then won a major decision 10-0 in the final in which he was hardly challenged.

Coronado took a similar pattern but in reverse order; winning a major decision and then pinned (fall) his opponent from Appleton North in just over a minute into the match to win the title bout.

Leisgang entered into the 113 lb. bracket in the morning weigh-in. It is considered to be one of the toughest from top to bottom in NE Wisconsin.

After narrowly defeating Mason Campshure of Kaukauna in the Semis, Leisgang went toe to toe with Eric Barnett from Hortonville in the Finals.

Barnett entered the Championship Match at 38-0 and is ranked in the Top 5 in the nation.

Even though Leisgang lost the match in a decision, it showed that he will be a force to be reckoned with at the Sectional.

The fabulous freshman (Ramage) then showed his array of skills on the Ghost’s mats.

All of Ramage’s matches went the six-minute distance.

He came out on top in two of the three to qualify at the 132 lb. classification.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day came at 120 lbs. where Dominic Stichmann upset Landon Them of Hortonville in the first round with a breathtaking one-point victory and then punched his ticket by RULE in the wrestle-back round to end the day.

Marty Kiernan took the path less followed by losing his first match and then wining his final two by fall and technical fall to advance to next Saturday.

Nathan Moynihan, Dawson Dembroski, Jordan VandeHei, and Katayen Gardner also made it out of the Kaukauna Regional (finishing in the Top 4).


WIAA D1 Reg. 2 @ Kaukauna (Results for Ashwaubenon)


Cody Minor (39-1) placed 1st and scored 25.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Minor (Ashwaubenon) received a bye

Semifinal – Minor won over Michael Smith (Appleton North) 29-15 (Fall 0:47)

1st Place Match – Minor won over Jaden Verhagen (Kaukauna) 31-12 (MD 10-0)



Noah Leisgang (35-4) placed 2nd and scored 18.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Leisgang (Ashwaubenon) received a bye

Semifinal – Leisgang won over Mason Campshure (Kaukauna) 30-11 (Dec 12-8)

1st Place Match – Eric Barnett (Hortonville) 39-0 won over Leisgang (MD 12-2)

2nd Place Match – Leisgang won over Campshure (RULE)



Dominic Stichmann (7-14) placed 4th and scored 9.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Stichmann (Ashwaubenon) won over Landon Thern (Hortonville) 21-17 (Dec 4-3)

Semifinal – Max Sanderfoot (Kimberly) 32-7 won over Stichmann (Fall 4:35)

3rd Place Match – Omar Zaidan (Appleton North) 18-18 won over Stichmann (Fall 3:50)

4th Place Match – Stichmann won over Thern (RULE)



Fernando Coronado (36-3) placed 1st and scored 25.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Coronado (Ashwaubenon) received a bye

Semifinal – Coronado won over Tyler Vanderlois (Kaukauna) 18-12 (MD 8-0)

1st Place Match – Coronado won over Jake Price (Appleton North) 22-16 (Fall 1:04)



Connor Ramage (36-9) placed 2nd and scored 18.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Ramage (Ashwaubenon) received a bye

Semifinal – Ramage won over Godffrey Kairu (Kimberly) 23-11 (Dec 1-0)

1st Place Match – Brandon Micksch (Kaukauna) 36-9 won over Ramage (Dec 8-5)

2nd Place Match – Ramage won over Tyler Locke (Appleton East) 21-9 (Dec 5-1)



Dawson Dembroski (31-9) placed 3rd and scored 13.50 team points.

Quarterfinal – Dembroski (Ashwaubenon) won over Riley Olski (Menasha) 17-20 (TF-1.5 3:42 (15-0))

Semifinal – Zach Scharenbrock (Appleton East) 28-5 won over Dembroski (SV-1 2-0)

3rd Place Match – Dembroski won over Hunter Bruecker (Kimberly) 28-13 (Dec 4-1)

2nd Place Match – Scharenbrock won over Dembroski (Ashwaubenon) (RULE)



Marty Kiernan (20-15) placed 4th and scored 12.50 team points.

Quarterfinal – Harrison Brooks (Kaukauna) 23-19 won over Kiernan (Ashwaubenon) (MD 13-2)

Cons. Semi – Kiernan received a bye

5th Place Match – Kiernan won over Anthony VanDaalwyk (Appleton West) 13-15 (Fall 5:32)

4th Place Match – Kiernan won over Caleb Nash (Appleton East) 13-12 (TF-1.5 4:34 (17-0))



Zach Olbrantz (10-16) placed 6th and scored 5.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Ryan Stocker (Appleton East) 20-13 won over Olbrantz (Ashwaubenon) (TF-1.5 3:49 (17-0))

Cons. Semi – Olbrantz won over Vinnie Vorachek (Menasha) 2-13 (Fall 1:06)

5th Place Match – Avery Benbrooks (Kimberly) 10-10 won over Olbrantz (Fall 1:37)



Alex Hager (2-4) placed 6th and scored 3.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Kayden Verboomen (Kaukauna) 9-7 won over Hager (Ashwaubenon) (Fall 3:03)

Cons. Semi – Hager received a bye

5th Place Match – Eli Peapenburg (Appleton West) 8-20 won over Hager (Fall 1:35)



Nathan Moynihan (30-13) placed 3rd and scored 16.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Moynihan (Ashwaubenon) won over Ethan Thao (Menasha) 6-23 (Fall 0:59)

Semifinal – Joshua Werner (Hortonville) 22-8 won over Moynihan (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match – Moynihan won over Ben Pritzl (Appleton West) 3-9 (Fall 2:38)

2nd Place Match – Werner won over Moynihan (RULE)



Jordan VandeHei (21-16) placed 3rd and scored 15.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – VandeHei (Ashwaubenon) won over Benjamin Paulsen (Appleton East) 2-21 (Fall 0:49)

Semifinal – Terrell Williams (Appleton North) 31-12 won over VandeHei (Dec 9-2)

3rd Place Match – VandeHei won over Brodie Schiedermayer (Kaukauna) 17-19 (MD 10-1)

2nd Place Match – Williams won over VandeHei (RULE)



Katayen Gardner (18-14) placed 4th and scored 13.00 team points.

Quarterfinal – Gardner (Ashwaubenon) won over Brandon Kluba (Appleton West) 10-17 (Fall 0:45)

Semifinal – Keaton Kluever (Kaukauna) 40-2 won over Gardner (Fall 0:36)

3rd Place Match – Zach Fischer (Appleton North) 31-10 won over Gardner (Fall 3:00)

4th Place Match – Gardner won over Nick Leick (Hortonville) 11-19 (Fall 0:56)


Team Scores

Kaukauna 256.5, Appleton North 204, Kimberly 186, Ashwaubenon 173, Hortonville 148.5, Appleton East 73.5, Appleton West 50, Menasha 28




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