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Senior Spotlight: Allie Young, Bay Port theatre/drama

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Alexandra “Allie” Young is a senior at Bay Port actively involved in the theatre and drama programs.

She plans to attend UW-Eau Claire and major in elementary education, where she eventually hopes to become a second-grade teacher.

Allie also holds a Black Belt in karate, having started early in her elementary-school years and ending in 2011 when she gained her Black Belt.

Name: Alexandra Young
Nickname: Allie, Al
Parents: Melissa & Keith
School: Bay Port
Clubs/activities: Theatre/Drama
Twitter: @allieyoung99

Do you have any siblings? “I have an older sister named Emilee who is a 2016 graduate of Bay Port. She lives in the state of Washington. My younger sister Sydney is a freshman at Bay Port this year.”

Have you ever done any high school sports at Bay Port? “No. I’m not really a sport’s person when it comes to participating, but I will go watch some of them.”

Let’s talk about theatre. “I am really involved – I am the assistant student-costume director. I’ve been involved in the fall plays all four years and this is the first year I’ve been involved in the musical.”

When did you know you liked theatre/drama? “When I was in the fifth grade at Lineville, some high school students came down because we were doing the first-ever Lineville play. I gave it a try and ever since then I was involved in show choir, and the musicals at the middle school. It just spiraled from there.”

How about some other hobbies? “I like to hang out with my friends and scrapbook with my mom.”

If you could be someone for a day, who would it be? “I would want to be actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. I’m really into the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies and he plays a big part in those. I just feel he lives an interesting life.”

Not Kim Kardashian? “No (laughing).”

What three words would describe you? “Happy, self-less, adventurous.”

How about your favorite family vacation? “We don’t travel too much, but we had a seasonal campsite up in Door County we’d go to every weekend, so either that or our 2011 Florida trip.”

Is there a place you’d like to go? “Lately I’ve wanted to go to Australia.”

How about a place in the USA? “I want to go to New York City or Washington D.C. I’d like to visit the 9-11 Memorial.”

If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be? “Definitely talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres. She is someone that I look up to. A lot of times I will go on ‘Ellentube’ to watch little snippets, but I try to watch the show when I can.”

Do you have any bad habits? “I always set my alarm ahead 10 minutes so I can snooze it at least once before I have to get up.”

What people have had the most influence on you? “Either my grandma on my mom’s side or my older sister. They both have always been there for me and always know what to say. They are really strong people.”

Is there a teacher/staff member at Bay Port that has influenced you the most? “Mrs. Broehm, the child development teacher, and Mrs. Timm, the costume director for theatre. Both have been positive influences on my high-school career and they’re inspiration to do what they do inspires me to follow their path.”

What will you miss most about Bay Port? “I will miss the opportunities that the school has given me, especially the ones from the theatre department – the friendships and the time on stage.”

How will Allie Young be remembered at Bay Port? “I think as a happy person that just tries to make the best out of every situation.”

Cats or dogs? “Dogs.”
Chocolate or vanilla? “Vanilla.”
Sledding or skiing? “Sledding.”
Tree house or tiny house? “Tree house.”
The beach or the mountains? “Mountains.”


Subject: math (besides calculus)
Food: spaghetti
Candy: Crunch
Holiday: Christmas
Phone app: Snapchat

Notes: suggestions for the Senior Spotlight can be submitted to Rich via email ([email protected]) or by Twitter (@richpalzewic)… all spotlights can be found online at thepress.media. Check out last week’s spotlight on Bay Port girls’ basketball player Alexis “Gwen” Tingley.

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