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Senior Spotlight: Alexis Tingley – Bay Port girls’ basketball, softball


Alexis “Gwen” Tingley is a senior at Bay Port High School currently playing on the basketball and softball teams.

Alexis is also active in DECA and Student Council, and can be most recognized on the softball field by her white glove, where she pitches and mainly plays in the infield.

Tingley plans to attend St. Norbert College in De Pere to study special education and play softball as well.

Name: Alexis Tingley
Nickname: Gwen, Mom
Sports: basketball, softball
Parents: Tina & Cory
School: Bay Port
Twitter: @alexis_tingley

Your middle name must be Gwen? “No! My freshman year of basketball there were two other girls named Alexis on the team, so one of my coaches accidentally called me Gretchen. After I told her that wasn’t my name, we compromised on ‘Gwen.’”

Do you have any siblings? “I have a younger sister named Kaitlyn who is on the basketball team with me, Madelyn is an eighth grader and Trystan is a fifth grader at Lineville.”

How about a sport you wish you could have tried? “Hockey. I can rollerblade and ice skate pretty well. A couple of friends and I always go to Pinewood Park in Howard when it’s not an ice rink and rollerblade around.”

You ladies were picked seventh in the preseason FRCC basketball poll! “This year has been a pleasant surprise, especially since we are a young team. We’ve proven ourselves and are getting better. We practice hard, watch film and support one another. We hope to get a conference title, win a regional and make a deep playoff run.”

What are you hoping for in softball this spring? “I hope to get some time on the mound behind Sydney (LaPoint). I’m guessing I’ll either be at second base or shortstop since we lost Maddie Jorgenson from last year.”

You had rotator-cuff surgery a few years ago…what happened? “We think it happened in my eighth-grade year. It started with some soreness. I played most of my freshman year, but the season got cut short with pain again. I went and saw Doctor McKenzie from the Packers and he said I needed surgery. I missed all of my sophomore year. I pitched some last year and I’m looking to get back to where I was.”

What can the team do this season? “We have a really strong team this year and other teams lost a lot of big players. We have high confidence that we can compete for a conference title and fight for a trip to state.”

How fast can you chuck it? “After surgery now about 58 mph. Before surgery it was closer to 60. I’m hoping to get back to where I was before.”

What are you expecting for your first season at St. Norbert for softball? “I don’t expect to step in and play right away, but the team is always looking for pitchers. I’m not really quite sure yet. I’m not going in expecting a lot of things right away. I have to bide my time a little bit.”

What three words best describe you? “Enthusiastic, leader, hard-working.”

If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be? “I wish I had more time spent with my mom’s grandma, my great-grandma. She was a famous cook and my mom always tells me stories about her. I was pretty young when she passed, but I do remember her.”

What people have had the most influence on you? “My parents of course, but then my sports coaches as well. They have pushed me to be a hard-working person and go outside of my comfort zone.”

What will you miss most about Bay Port? “Definitely the atmosphere with my friends. Bay Port is a great high school and hopefully I’ll stay in touch with all my friends.”

How will Alexis Tingley be remembered at Bay Port? “I hope to be remembered as an upbeat person who always had a smile on her face; someone who was willing to try new things when other people weren’t, whether it be in sports or academics.”

Tree house or tiny house? “Tree house.”
Chocolate or vanilla? “Vanilla.”
The beach or the mountains? “The beach.”
Cats or dogs? “Dogs.”
Vacuuming or doing the dishes? “The dishes.”


Subject: Developing Young Leaders (DYL)
Food: nachos
Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Holiday: Fourth of July
Phone app: Facebook

Coach Kati Coleman’s comments: “Gwen! When I hear people call her Alexis, I feel like there is another person in the room. Gwen is such a great young lady. She is known as Mom because of her caring nature. She helps everyone stay on task and not get too crazy. There is a lot to love about Gwen: she is involved in many extracurricular activities outside of sports. She does what’s best for the team—pushes the underclassmen to be better every day, helps them know the plays or drills, screams at the top of her lungs and loses her voice for her teammates. She will always put others in front of herself. Gwen has so much love for life and people. I‎t was never more evident when we held ‘Inspire Sports’ (a free clinic for children with cognitive disabilities) and she was paired up with a young gentleman that she watches over the summer. The way she interacted with him, made him feel like part of something bigger, cared for him, joked around with him and showed him that he wasn’t limited to anything he set his mind to, opened my eyes to see what kind of person she is. It’s been a pleasure coaching Gwen for the last few years and I can’t wait to follow her senior softball career and watch her continue her education and softball career at St. Norbert.”

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