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EDITORIAL: The search for Toby gives us all hope

By Ben Rodgers
Staff Writer

It’s amazing what can bring a community together.

Most recently people from Howard and Suamico were joined by others across the region in the hunt for a lost dog – Toby.

Anytime a pet is lost it’s a sad time. But what gives us hope for a better tomorrow is the response from people near and far.

Toby has been away from his family since Dec. 1, after they watched him get struck by a truck twice in Suamico.

The dog has gone into survival mode and the Bouschart family then took to social media to spread the word.

If you want to join in, follow the Facebook group Get Toby Home. Currently more than 3,000 people want to see this happen.

But following something online and actually doing something about it are two different things.

The response of the communities in on the search is truly unbelievable.

People are backing up their thoughts and prayers with action.

From elderly ladies cancelling their card games to go search, to city personnel checking out sightings when available, we have faith the search will continue until Toby comes home.

Even with the brutal blow of Old Man Winter people have left garage doors slightly open, laid out sleeping bags and food and have always kept an open eye.

Drones have taken to the sky, and a renowned search dog has taken to the trails.

The Bouschart family follows up on all sightings hoping to finally bring Toby home.

Not only does this give the Bouschart family hope, it gives us all hope.

Hope that people care, hope that people can come together, and hope that eventually Toby will come home.

Toby’s sister Stella is normally a quiet and reserved dog, but at night she howls, hoping Toby will hear her cries and return home to where he is loved dearly.

The pain the Bouschart family is going through is something no one wants to experience.

It’s also something that has brought people together in a remarkable fashion.

With the current state of national affairs people want hope. There is a bigger story here than a lost dog and it’s everyone pulling together for a common goal.

There’s no doubt that Toby is the most famous dog Howard and Suamico has ever seen.

But this story needs a happy ending. In order to bring Toby home, don’t approach him if you see him. Instead call or text your sightings into 920-639-1189.

When an animal goes into survival mode it’s fight or flight.

Toby will need lots of medical care and the unconditional love of his family before he can get acclimated back to his regular life.

But with a response that keeps on growing we have no doubt that will happen.

Thank you to all of those who have given their time and efforts into finding Toby.

The thing about people coming together for a common goal is that it almost always yields the right results.

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