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Player development is the goal at MacRoc

By Ben Rodgers

Staff Writer

HOWARD – With the ground covered in snow and temperatures hovering below freezing soccer is probably the last thing in people’s minds.

But for Mackenzie Jaroch player improvement doesn’t stop for the weather.

Jaroch is the founder, owner and head training coach at MacRoc Soccer Academy and her only goal is making players better whether it’s one on one, or in small groups.

“This is where you come to grow, not just technically, this is where you come to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and technically,” Jaroch said.

A former high school standout in Libertyville, Illinois, Jaroch went on to play for the University of Arizona then semi-professionally for the Chicago Red Stars and Colorado Storm.

She has also coached locally for the De Pere Redbirds girls’ varsity team and for De Pere Select.

Over her playing years Jaroch has had many coaches, but some advice can’t be taught, it needs to be learned through first-hand experience.

“I want to be that outlet and that voice and that coach for you,” Jaroch said.

She has been working with players one on one since 2014, but in November she opened her own facility at 1601 Brookfield Way in Howard.

“I try to create a well-rounded player and dynamic player instead of a player who only knows how to attack or how to defend because it’s crucial,” Jaroch said.

To do that, she first meets with interested players and parents to let them know what’s expected from them and learn what they expect from her.

She disregards the age level and starts with fundamental and technical assessments. After that she will create a curriculum for the player and work at their speed.

“The curriculum is set up to allow them to get comfortable in many positions instead of stepping on the field and only playing one,” Jaroch said.

For example, a defensive player might be tasked with taking long shots in certain situations. While at the same time a midfielder might be asked to drop back and support the defense.

Her goal is to train players to be fluid so when the game develops during play, players can adjust to the pace.

Jaroch’s sessions last a minimum of three months, with one session a week. Each session lasts one hour.

Right now most of her students are between ages 12 and 16 and looking to make the leap to varsity level soccer. But she will work with younger players and older ones who want to continue to play after graduation.

Her academy gets players ready because once they start tryouts for that varsity squad they will be expected to compete immediately with no time for learning skills.

“In a collective team setting the player does not get the one-on-one attention needed for them to really excel,” she said.

Currently slots and MacRoc Academy are pretty full, but she advises interested people to visit macrocsoccer.com and sign up for email alerts, that way when there is an opening they will be notified immediately.

In addition to the website more information can be on Facebook by liking MacRoc Soccer Academy LLC – Green Bay.

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