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Entertainment facilities request beer and wine licenses

By Annette Aubinger

ASHWAUBENON – Ashwaubenon Public Works and Protection committee met Tuesday, Jan. 2 to discuss two requests for liquor licenses at recreational facilities.

Press Start Rec Room

Village clerk, Patrick Moynihan introduced Wayne Duval who came before the committee to explain his request for a beer and wine license.

Duval was the owner of Future Fitness Plus at 830 Vanderperen Way.

He told the committee it was decided to close the business.

Because of the closing, he said they are looking at a new entertainment business venture at the same location.
It will be called Press Start Rec Room.

The business concept is assorted “living room” locations throughout the building where video gaming and board games are played. Also, throughout the complex, there will be ping-pong tables, air hockey tables, foosball tables, vintage arcade games and televisions.

As part of their venture, they requested the opportunity to sell beer and wine to complement their food menu, thus enhancing revenues.

Friday and Saturday evenings the business will be for adults only.

Sundays will be family day and no liquor will be served.

Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department Chief Eric Dunning was questioned about his thoughts on the request.
Dunning said the concept is much like a bowling alley.

He said it’s how you conduct a business that’s important.

He had no major concerns.

The committee approved the beer and wine request on a 3-2 vote.

Committee members Mark Williams, Ken Bukowski, Josh Kohnhorst voted yes. Mike Malcheski and Joann Euclide voted no.

Wisconsin LLC dba Bay Park Cinema

A representative from Marcus Cinemas of Wisconsin LLC dba Bay Park Cinema, 755 Willard Drive, requested the Public Works committee approve a Class B Beer License to provide beer as an additional concession offering for its customers.

Plans, procedures and guidelines with 19 points was presented to the committee in a memo.

Beer would be served through the concessions and they would have six different canned beer varieties. The beer would be in aluminum cans.

The representative said it was no different than Chucky Cheese, a family orientated business.

He said as nature, the consumer has pushed the industry in this direction.

Their business has many restrictions.

One restriction is that they belong to a BARS program where they can get audited. It is like checking for carding.
At any time, someone from BARS may come to the theater, ask for a beer, and they must be checked with an ID. If they do not follow protocol, there are consequences.

“We foster family movie experiences. This is just an option. We are not looking for them to be inebriated. It is going to be highly policed,” the representative said.

The request will move forward on a 3-2 vote. Committee members Mark Williams, Ken Bukowski, Josh Kohnhorst voted yes. Mike Malcheski and Joann Euclide voted no.

Bukowski said the only reason he is voting for the license is because he wants it to move forward to the village board.
He may not vote yes at that time.

He said the explanation given from the representative will help him decide at the next meeting.

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