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Ashwaubenon Lions club receives Community Partner award

By Annette Aubinger

ASHWAUBENON – Ashwaubenon’s village board Dec. 19 honored the men and women of Ashwaubenon Lions club for their efforts to improve the community of Ashwaubenon by naming them the 2017 recipient of the Community Partner award.

Village president Mary Kardoskee said it was an honor to give the Lions the award and thanked them for their efforts.

She said they were a great organization who did a lot for the community.

President of the Lions club, Randy Stemper said their Lions Club is very proud and honored to accept this award from the village board and staff.

“As Lions, we are best known for fighting blindness, but we also volunteer for many kinds of community projects – including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry and aiding seniors and the disabled. We also conduct vision screenings, support local children and schools through scholarships and AshCare. Our motto is ‘We Serve,’” said Stemper.

The village prepared a resolution through a proclamation stating:

“The village of Ashwaubenon wishes to honor an organization or person who makes extra ordinary efforts to improve the community of Ashwaubenon.”

The Ashwaubenon Lions have faithfully served their community, often without recognition.

The Ashwaubenon Lions have supported numerous parks, recreation and forestry department programs through sponsoring a summer concert for the past 12 years and providing free books and glowsticks at various neighborhood special events.

The Ashwaubenon Lions do yearly vision pre-screening in Ashwaubenon day cares and pre-K’s to identify those youth who may be in need of glasses as well as collect eye glasses in the community for visually impaired individuals and provide vouchers for underprivileged Ashwaubenon School District students for free eye glasses.

The Ashwaubenon Lions donated automated external defibrillators to both the community pool and performing arts center, as well as an aquatic wheelchair for the pool.

The Ashwaubenon Lions are actively involved in the AshCares program since its inception, filling book bags with age appropriate books and food for those youth in need, as well as annually donating funds for coats, mittens and clothing for in-need local students.

The Ashwaubenon Lions donated $25,000 to the Ashwaubenon Historical Society for remodeling their new building.

The Ashwaubenon Lions built, installed and stocked four Free Little Libraries throughout the village.

The Ashwaubenon Lions support the Ashwaubenon Lions football program on an annual basis.

The Ashwaubenon Lions donate funds to Ashwaubenon youth wrestling for assistance in purchasing new equipment.

The resolution concluded by saying in recognition and deepest appreciation of these efforts the village of Ashwaubenon awards the Ashwaubenon Lions club the 2017 Community Partner Award.

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