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Senior Spotlight: Matt Minch – Bay Port hockey


Matt Minch is a senior at Bay Port High School currently playing hockey for the Pirates. A senior captain, Matt has been a varsity player since his sophomore year and grew up in Wisconsin Rapids, moving to Bay Port in the summer before his freshman year. Matt plans to attend UW-Lacrosse and study psychology.

Name: Matt Minch
Nickname: Minch
Parents: Glenn & Shelby
School: Bay Port
Sport: Hockey
Position: defense
Twitter: @MattMinch

Is there a story behind your longer hair? I started growing it out between my freshman and sophomore year. After my sophomore year I got it cut pretty short, but since then it’s been pretty long.”

Did you try any other sports in high school? “I played baseball my freshman and sophomore year but nothing other than that. I didn’t enjoy it as much as hockey so I hung it up.”

How about a sport you wanted to do? “I think lacrosse would have been fun! I didn’t grow up here, so we didn’t play it where I was from.”

When did you learn to skate/start playing hockey? “I learned to skate young because we had a pond in our back yard – I grew up in the country. I started playing hockey when I was seven.”

What is it like playing for Coach Buchan? “He can be intimidating, but once you get to know him and have had him as a coach for a few years, you see he is a great coach and person. I have a lot of respect for him – not only as a coach but as a person.”

The team has battled hard and had a few tough overtime losses! “We have a lot of young kids and quite a few juniors and seniors where this is their first year playing varsity. It’s going to take some time to get into the swing of things. Hopefully by the end of the year we come together as a team.”

Which one of your teammates would you NOT want to play against if they were on a different team? “I’d have to say Jake Boxer – he gets in the corner and does some things that are a little questionable! He gets the opposition a little mad at him.”

Is there ever any trash talk during the game? “Not a lot but once in a while. It’s nothing too bad.”

Which teammate should have his own reality TV show? “I’d say Jack Chilson – he’s quiet, but when he says things it’s really funny. None of us really know what he does, so it would be fun to follow him around with a show.”

Who’s your favorite NHL team/player? “I like the San Jose Sharks. My favorite player is Stevens Point native Joe Pavelski. I actually went to Stevens Point High School and have met him.”

Ever attend a pro hockey game? “When I was like eight years old in Minnesota, but I don’t really remember it.”

Do you remember your first goal? “I scored like two goals my sophomore year. The first was in Neenah and it was a fluke goal. It went off the defenseman’s leg and the goalie’s glove, and went in.”

What is your most memorable hockey moment? “Going to state last season. The whole playoff run was a lot of fun.”

Do you have a most embarrassing hockey moment? “One time I got announced for the starting lineup and skated to the blue line and tripped over my own feet. I didn’t fall down, but I stumbled. People saw it.”

Where’s the coolest place you’ve traveled? “Last spring break I went to Florida with a few of the guys.”

What is something about you most people wouldn’t know? “I have three older siblings: my sister Angela is 26, my brother Josh is 24 and my other brother Sam is 21.”

Do you have a favorite hockey movie? “Mighty Ducks.”

Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes? “Lie on beach.”
Tent camping or camper? “Tent camping.”
Winter or summer? “Summer.”
Read the book or watch the movie? “Watch the movie.”
Tiny house or tree house? “Tree house.”

How will Matt Minch be remembered at Bay Port after graduation? “Hopefully as a likeable person who was a good person as well; and that I got along with everyone.”

What three words best describe you? “outgoing, not-talkative, funny.”


Food: burritos
TV show: How I Met Your Mother
Subject: science
Candy: Life Savers
Ice cream: Superman
App: Snapchat

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