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Jaguar Student Spotlight: Joe Stone-Swimming

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

Name:             Joe Stone


Sport:              Boys Swimming


Joe Stone is a two time qualifier at the WIAA State Swim Meet.

As a Junior, Stone finished 5th in the 100 Yard Back, and 11th in the 100 Yard Free.

He was also part of the 200 and 400 Yard Medley Relay teams that finished 2nd and 3rd respectively!


What is it like to be a leader on the Ashwaubenon swim team?   “First of all, I truly consider it an honor to be a captain for our swim team. When I look back on my high school career, I know I will always remember that being a captain is a privilege and something I will always take great pride in. This year we have a number of athletes that have never been in a pool and in a competitive environment. I enjoy helping them to swim at a competitive level. The rapport that Mark (Teske), Coach Merner, and I have with each other is something that I will always remember.”


What is your most embarrassing moment ever in swimming?  “My most embarrassing moment was when Max White (former AHS swimmer) and I forgot about a race and our parents and my coach were yelling at us to get on the blocks because the race was about to begin.”


How many years have you been involved in swimming?  “My Mom threw me into the pool at age 3, and my Dad didn’t want any part of it.”


What is your most memorable moment in swimming?  “My most memorable moment in swimming was standing on the podium after winning 2nd place in the 200-medley relay at state last year.”


What’s the hardest part about swimming?  “The hardest part about swimming is the first jump into the cold water.”


If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be?  “Coach Merner- because I want to make the sets for the team and not have to do them myself.”


What are your college aspirations?  “I’m still deciding on which college I want to go to, but I know I want to pursue engineering.”


What would your dream job be once you graduate?  “My dream job once I graduate would be an Engineer for a reputable company.”


What are your hobbies?  “I’m a swimmer. I have no hobbies.”


What is your favorite sporting event ever attended?  “My favorite sporting ever attended is when my family went to a Packer game against the Eagles.”


What is your favorite type of music?  “Anything but my mom’s favorite music.”


What is your favorite thing to do on your phone?  “My favorite thing to do on my phone is to turn up my music when my parents want to talk with me.”


What three words describe you?  “Competitive, determined, hard-working.”


What is your favorite trip ever taken?  “My favorite trip ever taken is when I went to Wisconsin Dells with my family.”





Pringles at 11 o’clock at night





TV Show:

Stranger Things



Jason Lezak


Board Game:

The second half of Monopoly when I start “borrowing” money from the bank.



Peanut Butter Seroogy’s bar that I get in Calculus


Ice Cream:

Cherry Chocolate Chip



It’s a tie between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day





Comments on Joe Stone: “He is amazingly quiet in terms of conversation,” said Jim Merner, Ashwaubenon Jaguar Swim Coach. “Joe, however, speaks loud when it comes to succeeding in the sport of swimming. He sets goals for himself that he doesn’t ever lower. He challenges himself each and every day in the pool, regardless of the type of workout that is placed in front of him or the opponent he will face in competition. He is a leader by example and that speaks loudly about his personal character.

As I look back when I started working with him in his sophomore year, I cannot remember Joe ever not working hard in each and every practice. That is the reason why he has come so far and progressed so rapidly in his performances. He has been a pleasure to coach and I am looking forward to seeing how his senior season concludes.”


***If you want to nominate somebody for the Jaguar Student Spotlight, I can be reached at [email protected] (Murray Gleffe-The Press, Correspondent)***


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