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Senior Spotlight: Jordyn Kadrlik – Bay Area Ice Bears girls’ hockey


Jordyn Kadrlik is a senior at Bay Port High School currently playing hockey for the Bay Area Ice Bears, a co-op team in the Green Bay metro area comprised of girls from eight different high schools. Jordyn is currently undecided about her future plans, but likes to hang out with her friends and family in her spare time. Kadrlik also has three younger siblings.

Name: Jordyn Kadrlik (Kad-er-lik)
Parents: Kendra & Wyatt
School: Bay Port
Sport: Hockey
Position: forward
Twitter: @jordynkadrlik

What nationality is your last name? “It’s mostly Czech, but I’m also part German.”

Did you try any other sports in high school? “I did track my freshman and sophomore years, but nothing since then.”

How about a sport you wanted to do? “When I was younger I always did gymnastics, so sometimes I wish I had followed through with that; but of course we don’t have it at the high school here.”

Bay Port has six girls on the roster, but talk about playing with 23 other girls that come from eight different schools? “I really don’t even really think about it at all. I think it’s pretty cool that there’s such a big mix with everyone and we all get along really well.”

When did you learn to skate/start playing hockey? “In first grade I actually learned to skate on figure skates and then started playing hockey when I was in the third grade.”

What is it like playing for Coach Erkkila? “I like ‘Erk’ a lot and respect him as a coach. He’s very fun to work with and meshes with the team very well. He gets to know us.”

The team has battled some sickness and has had a bit of a slow start, but what can you do this year? “It’s a little different from last year because we lost nine seniors and our goalie, but I think we know how to work as a team and it can only get better from here. We need to learn from the losses.”

Which one of your teammates would you NOT want to play against if they were on a different team? “Probably Katerina (Zrnova from the Czech) because she has such good hands and can just go through anyone.”

It’s got to be hard that checking is not allowed? “Once you get used it, it’s not that bad, but I would for sure like checking! I got a checking penalty last weekend actually.”

Is there ever any trash talk going on in girls hockey? “Not usually, but it depends on the team! There are a few nasty ones out there.”

Which teammate should have her own reality TV show? “I would say Mckenna Braspennickx (Bay Port) because she’s hilarious.”

Are you a NHL/sports fan in general? Who’s your favorite team? “I like hockey and the Chicago Blackhawks, mainly Patrick Kane. I watch other sports, but I don’t really follow them that much.”

Ever attend a pro hockey game? “I haven’t yet but I’m going in March to see the Blackhawks in Chicago.”

Do you remember your first goal? “It was my freshman year playing against the Central Wisconsin Storm. Both of my parents were gone and didn’t even see it! It went five-hole between the goalie’s legs and I just remember how excited I was.”

What is your most memorable hockey moment? “Definitely state last year when we made it to the state finals. It was difficult to lose it like we did.”

Where’s the coolest place you’ve traveled? “My freshman year I went on a cruise to the Bahamas.”

What is something about you most people wouldn’t know? “Two years ago I was supposed to play for Team Wisconsin. We had this team bonding activity at a trampoline park and I sprained my ankle very badly and missed the whole season!”

Do you have a favorite hockey movie? “Miracle.”

Does Erk give fiery speeches like Herb Brooks did back in the day? “He always has good motivational things to say before games and in between periods.”

Dogs or cats? “Dogs.”
Tent camping or camper? “Tent camping.”
Winter or summer? “Winter because of hockey.”
Read the book or watch the movie? “Watch the movie.”
Tiny house or tree house? “Tree house.”

How will Jordyn Kadrlik be remembered at Bay Port after graduation? “I hope for just being a nice person to being around and having a nice personality – hockey, too.”

What three words best describe you? “Hard-working, independent, determined.”


Food: Mac & cheese
TV show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Subject: science
Candy: Kit Kat
Ice cream: birthday cake
App: Snapchat

Notes: Through 85 career games spanning her four-year varsity career, Kadrlik has tallied 22 goals and recorded 24 assists. To date, her most successful season was her junior year when she had eight goals and six assists, but she already has two goals and seven assists this year in eight games.

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