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Jaguar Bowling Preview

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

ASHWAUBENON-The Jaguars have 16 boys and 6 girls out for its 2017-18 bowling squad. They hope to replicate or surpass last year’s success on the lanes.

(Boys) The Jaguar boys bowling team is young, (only two seniors) but that doesn’t mean they don’t have talent.

The Jaguars won their opening match of the year over Bay Port by winning all nine games and averaged over 225 individually.

They most recently defeated Marinette 8-1. Their lone loss was by a single pin.

“We don’t have many upperclassmen on the team, but I like our chances of being a top contender for the Conference and Sectional Championship,” said Steve Gough, Jaguar Assistant Bowling Coach.

Tanner Kirsch, Brett Powers, Ben Griffore, Bryan Schmit, Nick Percy, and Hunter Schermitzler are used interchangeably when they play in varsity matches. Five players each bowl two frames   comprising a high school baker game. Junior Varsity is conducted in the same fashion.

Schermitzler took last season off and has come back as strong as ever. He consistently bowls over 215 in each game.

“I believe you could make the case that our top six bowlers are as good as any high school team in the State,” added Gough.

(Girls) The Jaguar girls bowling team is coming off a Sectional Championship in the 2016-17 season.

Their most experienced bowlers include Katherine Reynolds, Birissa Braun, and Emily Allen.

In the match vs the Marines, Reynolds was perfect (100%) with her strike/spare vs open/frame percentage. This happens very rarely in high school bowling.

“Katherine is a natural leader on the team, and is always trying to keep the team focused and competitive,” said Gough. “She is one of the most consistent on the team with hitting on strikes and spares.”

With only six girls currently on the roster, everybody is needed on a daily basis to compete hard in practice and be available for matches.

“I’m confident that the girls team will be competitive by the end of the season,” said Gough. “They have to keep learning the sport and I fully expect that to happen.”


2017-18 Ashwaubenon Jaguar Bowling Roster (As of Dec. 14)

Emily Allen, Bailey Braun, Birissa Braun, Bray Damro, Tyler Damro, Jerrad Dettmann, Brandt Gill, Ben Griffore, Katie Hawley, Tyler Johnson, Colin Kerknoff, Tanner Kirsch, Sean Lacey, Jonathan Munn, Nick Percy, Daniel Peters, Brett Powers, Zachary Rahr, Katherine Reynolds, Meghan Sanders, Hunter Schermitzler, Bryan Schmit


2017-18 Ashwaubenon Jaguar Bowling Schedule (All matches start at 4 p.m.)

Dec. 15 vs Green Bay Preble-Ashwaubenon Lanes

Dec. 20 at Seymour-Wally’s Bowl

Jan. 5 vs Green Bay Southwest-Ashwaubenon Lanes

Jan. 9 vs De Pere-Ashwaubenon Lanes

Jan. 10 at Pulaski-Village Lanes

Jan. 19 Boys Sectional Singles-Ashwaubenon Lanes

Jan. 22 Girls Sectional Singles-Willow Creek Lanes

Jan. 24 Girls Sectional Team-Riviera Lanes

Jan. 26 Boys Sectional Team-Riviera Lanes

Mar. 2, 3, 4 State Bowling-Dale’s Weston Lanes


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