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Village of Ashwaubenon approves budget and tax levy

By Annette Aubinger

ASHWAUBENON – After a pubic hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 28, the Ashwaubenon village board voted unanimously to approve the budget and tax rate.

The proposed budget of $15,341,930 results in zero change to the fund equity balance.

The village tax rate is set at $6.12 per $1,000, no change from 2017.

Greg Wenholz, village finance director, noted that $0.75 of the tax rate is for referendum related debt service, an increase of $0.05 from 2016. Therefore, the municipal operations related tax rate actually decreased $0.05 from 2016 in order to keep the overall tax rate flat at $6.12.

Over the past three months the proposed 2018 budget went through a review process by the village president, village manager, finance director, village department heads and the village board.

Each budget line (by department) was reviewed and given opportunity for questioning and/or adjustment at the Nov. 7 budget review meeting.

Village president, Mary Kardoskee, said that this was her first time she was involved in the budget process form the beginning to the end. She requested that the tax rate remain flat.

“I want to thank the staff. It was a lot of hard work. The staff listened and we were able to keep the tax rate flat.” said Kardoskee.

Other board business

A public hearing on a request by Anthony Reale for a conditional use permit to operate an indoor commercial recreation facility (Virtual Reality Arcade) facility located at 2642 Packerland Dr., Suite 1 was held.

There were no objections. The arcade was approved.

There was a public hearing regarding the vacation of a Portion of Clive Street north of Commanche Avenue located in Ashwaubenon.

Bellin Health wanted to expand their facilities.

Trustee Mark Williams was concerned about deleting one driveway and more traffic on Babcock.

Director of Public Works Doug Martin said the final plans have not come through so there may be another driveway.
He saw no red flags. The board approved the request.

A public hearing was also held and off street parking for retail store and supermarkets were approved.

A final PUD overlay for William Charles Court was approved.

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