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Jaguar wrestling takes 2nd at Papermaker Invite

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

KIMBERLY- The Ashwaubenon Jaguar wrestling team finished runner-up to Appleton North Saturday afternoon (Dec. 2) at the prestigious 16 team Papermaker Invitational.

The Jaguars finished with 406 points on the day

The team was victorious at three individual flights.

Cody Minor (113 lbs.), Noah Leisgang (120 lbs.), and Fernando Coronado (132 lbs.) each brought championships back home to Ashwaubenon.

In addition, Freshman Mick Kiernan (106 lbs.) and Connor Ramage (138 lbs.) garnered second place finishes on the day.


Jaguar Individual Results

106 lbs.

Kiernan (Ash) Double Bye

Kiernan over Trevor Schenzel (Merrill) Fall 4:37

Kiernan over Michael Smith (Appleton North) MD 11-0

Championship Match-Demario Ford (Manitowoc Lincoln) over Kiernan Fall 0:40


113 lbs.

Minor (Ash) Double Bye

Minor over Jordan Craft (Manitowoc Lincoln) Fall 2:41

Minor over Preston Zirpel (Kimberly) TF-1.5 2:36 (16-1)

Championship Match-Minor over Charlie Hart (Kimberly) Fall 1:46


120 lbs. 

Leisgang (Ash) Bye

Leisgang over Brock Boelk (Oakfield) Fall 2:36

Leisgang over Max Sanderfoot (Kimberly) Dec 5-0

Leisgang over Tanner Depies (Merrill) TF-1.5 5:30 (15-0)

Championship Match-Leisgang over Jack Severin (Kewaunee) Dec 10-6


126 lbs.

Cody Behnke (Elkhart Lake) over Dominic Stichmann (Ash) Dec 7-1

Alex Schroeter (Greenfield) over Stichmann Dec 6-0

Stichmann Bye

Stichmann over Steve Laverenz (Berlin) Fall 2:42

9th Place Match-Bryce Marks (Oakfield) over Stichmann MD 17-6


132 lbs.

Coronado (Ash) Bye

Coronado over Peyton Hurth (Sturgeon Bay) TF-1.5 5:30 (18-1)

Coronado over Jake Price (Appleton North) Fall 5:34

Coronado over Tyler Nelson (Sun Prairie) OT 10-8

Championship Match-Coronado over Connor Richter (Princeton) Fall 1:43


138 lbs.

Ramage (Ash) over Kaide Pope (Kimberly) Dec 4-2

Ramage over Grant Stanioch (Greenfield) Fall 3:41

Ramage over Cayden Carlson (Kewaunee) TF-1.5 4:57 (16-1)

Ramage over Holden Smith (Merrill) Forfeit

Championship Match-Ellis Pfleger (Grafton) over Ramage Dec 7-6


145 lbs.

Dawson Dembroski (Ash) over Triston Beauchamp (Sturgeon Bay) Fall 5:45

Dembroski Bye

Dembroski over Nathaniel Schroeter (Greenfield) Fall 2:27

Drew Scharenbrock (Sun Prairie) over Dembroski Fall 2:54

3rd Place Match-Dembroski over Jesse Steinhorst (Kewaunee) UTB 0-0


152 lbs.

Marty Kiernan (Ash) over Carter Beyer (Merrill) Dec 4-0

Kiernan over Cody Depies (Merrill) Dec 9-6

Max Ward (Elkhart Lake) over Kiernan MD 9-0

Kiernan over Oliver Crane (Appleton North) MD 9-0

5th Place Match-Preston Morgan (Berlin) over Kiernan Dec 10-4


160 lbs.

Brady Wagner (Berlin) over Zach Olbrantz (Ash) Fall 2:19

Myles Laurent (Kimberly) over Olbrantz Fall 1:41

Olbrantz over Jacob Weber (Appleton North) Dec 7-6

Yoshi Sesoko (Elkhart Lake) over Olbrantz Dec 9-4

11th Place Match-Olbrantz over Brendan Hartwig (Oakfield) Fall 5:30


182 lbs.

Nathan Moynihan (Ash) over Zach Moore (Princeton) Dec 4-1

Jeremy Jorns (Sturgeon Bay) over Moynihan Dec 7-1

Moynihan Bye

Moynihan over Jake Spoehr (Merrill) Fall 5:28

5th Place Match-Moynihan over Hayden Lodel (Manitowoc Lincoln) Fall 5:13


195 lbs.

Jordan VandeHei (Ash) Double Bye

C.J. Kurczek (Berlin) over VandeHei Fall 1:27

VandeHei Bye

5th Place Match-Owen Apland (Princeton) over VandeHei OT 6-4


285 lbs.

Nicholas West (Sturgeon Bay) over Katayen Gardner (Ash) Fall 2:41

Gardner Bye

Gardner over Ryan Bollinger (Princeton) Fall 1:28

Julien Walker (Sun Prairie) over Gardner Fall 3:20

7th Place Match-Isaac Tess (Sun Prairie) over Gardner Fall 1:30


Papermaker Wrestling Invite-Team Results

Appleton North 416.5, Ashwaubenon 406, Kewaunee 351.5, Sun Prairie 341.5, Kimberly 334.5, Merrill 310.0, Princeton 291.5, Berlin 250.5, Grafton 241.5, Greenfield 230.0, Sturgeon Bay 205.5, Oakfield 195.5, Manitowoc Lincoln 183.0, Elkhart Lake 180.0, Dodgeland Juneau 155.5, Neenah 8.5


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