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Jaguar Student Spotlight, Bailey Conradt-Band

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

Name         Bailey Conradt

Activity      Band

Twitter      @baileyswizzle


What is it like to be a leader in band at Ashwaubenon? “It’s like a dream come true. Ever since I watched the band play halftime shows when I was in middle school, I imagined one day becoming the Drum Major. It’s such an honor to lead the band, especially seeing the growth of the younger players as they become more passionate about the music we play.”


What is your most embarrassing moment ever in a band performance? “I’m not sure I’ve ever been too embarrassed in a performance, although a time that came very close was when we had our final concert of last year and I dressed up as our band director, Mr. Jimos. We had to introduce our songs in the form of little skits, so I did an impersonation of him and I messed up a few notes when I tried to play alto saxophone like he does. Let’s just say I’m nowhere near the professional level he is when it comes to saxophone.”


How many years have you been involved in band? “I’ve been in band since 6th grade, and the past several years have been so fun exploring the different instruments. I started in percussion at first, and it was awesome to have such a variety of instruments to try. Since then, I’ve experimented many more; from tenor saxophone to piccolo trumpet.”


What is your most memorable moment in band? “The most vivid memory I have of band class happened my freshman year. Usually we do several pieces for our winter concert, and we’ll spend most of the time in class working on harder parts of the pieces. Our favorite piece in class that year, however, was one that didn’t get played very often because we were pretty good at it. One day, we decided to surprise our band director, Mr. Konop, and when he started conducting another piece we all played our favorite song instead. He seemed surprised but actually directed the whole song!”


What’s the hardest aspect about band? “There’s a lot of challenging parts about band, especially when it comes to technical aspects like learning how to tune your instrument or play rhythms correctly. I think the part that people tend to underestimate is the amount of work that goes into playing in band as one whole unit. Playing an instrument by yourself is hard enough, but trying to connect all instruments from tubas to flutes really takes a significant effort from everyone.”


If you could be somebody for one day, who would it be? “I’d really love to spend a day as Barack Obama. It just amazes me how active he is in the lives of so many people, even after leaving the White House. If I’m a fraction of how compassionate and successful he is one day, I’d consider myself blessed.”


What are your college aspirations? “I’m planning on majoring in engineering, but I’m not sure at which college or what specific field of engineering yet. I also plan on at least minoring in political science and music.”


What would be your dream job once you graduate? “My dream job after graduation is easily to be a music composer or elected official. However, more realistically I’d love to work on renewable energy sources for a company like Tesla.”


What are your hobbies? “When I’m not playing show tunes or Taylor Swift songs on piano, you can find me trying as many new instruments as I can get my hands on. I also enjoy playing tennis with my friends or hanging out with my favorite sister, Maisy (my corgi).”


What is your favorite sporting event ever attended? “Last year I went to my first Packer game in over ten years, after my mom surprised my dad and I with tickets. My dad and I had awesome seats, but we spent most of the game walking around anyways because we wanted to explore the stadium. It was some great father-son bonding time.”


What is your favorite kind of music? “My favorite kind of music by far is show tunes. There’s so much variety in Broadway soundtracks, from the fire rap verses in Hamilton to the beautiful harmonies in Les Miserables. I also have an appreciation for jazz music because I love how upbeat and intricate the rhythms and chords can be.”


What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “9 times out of 10 if you see what’s on my phone, you’ll see me on twitter checking out the latest tweet. I’m usually getting political updates, which I’ll usually announce to my family. My sister, Kennedy, doesn’t usually appreciate that.”


What three words best describe you? “Optimistic- I always look for the best in everything, whether it be a class, person, or just a situation in general. You’ll rarely catch me without a smile on my face.

Passionate- When I find something I love, I fully immerse myself in it, especially subjects like music and politics. In my life, I’ve realized that at the end of the day, it’s not about what you do; it’s about caring deeply about what you do.

Sincere- It’s extremely important to me that I be genuine. I try to be myself in every situation I’m in; whether I’m talking to my friends, or I’m at a job interview, I show my entire personality.”


What is your favorite trip(s) ever taken? “My favorite trip ever was visiting New York my freshman year. We jammed our entire trip full of so many fun things to do—seeing Wicked and Aladdin on Broadway, admiring the Statue of Liberty, and visiting the 9/11 memorial. It made me realize how wonderful it would be to live out east. Oh, and at one point I was less than a block away from Taylor Swift’s house!”




Pizza, specifically Rocky Rococo’s!



Math, I always love a challenge.


TV Show:

Friends—Chandler reminds me of myself!



Aaron Rodgers, of course! Go Pack Go!


Board Game:

Catan; it’s my family’s favorite game that we can play and not have someone flip the board over before finishing.



Kit Kat


Ice Cream:

Stephen Colbert’s Ameri-cone Dream



Christmas; I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, not to mention eating all of the sweets!



I absolutely love winter… which works out quite nicely, as it’s winter in Wisconsin for what seems like over half the year!


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