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Jaguar Student Spotlight: Diego Zastrow-Football

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

Name        Diego Zastrow

Sport         Football

Twitter     @zastrow_diego


What is it like to be a leader on the football team at Ashwaubenon? “It’s an honor to be a leader because you’re one of the players that everyone has to go to when things get tough. You have to be a good role model to younger kids.”


What is your most embarrassing moment ever in football? “The most embarrassing moment has to be when I recovered a fumble where I could have easily scored but I fell on top of the ball.”


How many years have you been involved in football? “Six years.”


What is your most memorable moment in football? “My most memorable moment is my junior year when we beat Southwest at home 63-56.”


What’s the hardest aspect about football? “The hardest aspect of football to me would have to be to make sure everyone has the same goal in mind. When adversity is in the way, can we come together and get over the obstacle.”


If you could be somebody for one day, who would it be? “If I could be somebody for one day, I would want to be my brother. He is deaf, so I would be interested in knowing how he goes about his life on a daily basis.”


What are your college aspirations? “Attend NWTC or Fox Valley Tech for Criminal Justice.”


What would be your dream job once you graduate? “To be a police officer in Ashwaubenon, and never leave home.”


What are your hobbies? “Hanging out with friends, watching football, and taking my dog for a walk.”


What is your favorite sporting event ever attended? “Last year we went down to Camp Randall to watch Wisconsin vs Ohio State. Wisconsin lost, but it was a very cool experience.”


What is your favorite kind of music? “Either Rock or Rap.”


What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “Go on social media or listen to music.”


What three words best describe you? “Caring, Outgoing and Energetic”


What is your favorite trip(s) ever taken? “In 2005 took a trip down to Honduras (Central America) where my mother is from. We visited with family and ventured around the country.”







Social Studies


TV Show:

How I Met your Mother



Karl Joseph


Board Game:




Kit Kat


Ice Cream:

Caramel Sundae








Comments from Head Football Coach Mark Jonas, “Diego is an awesome kid. He was our anchor in the defensive backfield this year. We put him on the opposing team’s top receiver each week and Diego did a great job. He earned 2nd team All-Conference honors. And when I say, he earned that, he really did. Nothing has been given to Diego. He worked very hard in the off season and during the season to make himself better. Off the field, he has been a  part of our Leadership Council for 3 years. This group is usually nominated by existing players so that tells you how he is viewed by his peers. On a personal note, Diego is a role model to my kids. He treated my kids very well on the field and off the field. They really like and respect him which is what a role model should be like. He will be one that is hard to replace next year.”

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