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Senior Spotlight: Tori Grimm, Bay Port Girls Golf


Tori Grimm is a senior at Bay Port who just completed her golf season with the Pirates. Tori would like to play golf at Division 3 St. Norbert and will study graphic design. She also hopes to start her own business someday. Her most memorable sport’s moment would be the whole WIAA state experience and draining a 15-foot putt on the final green at the 18th hole to end her career. Grimm was also named to the Academic All-State team in both her junior and senior years.

Name: Victoria Grimm
Nickname: Tori
Parents: Maria & Nick
School: Bay Port
Sports: girls golf
Twitter: @torijgrimm

Did you only do golf in high school? “Yes. I always played volleyball, but when I got to high school, I had to choose since they were at the same time.”

Is there one you sport you wish you could have done? “Track. I do have asthma, but maybe I will join my senior year. I could always do a field event like the discus.

Congrats on a great year of making it to team state! “Thank you! State was great. I wouldn’t want my senior year to end any other way. It was the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Talk about that last putt you drained at state! “That was really exciting. I pretty much watch that video every night before going to bed!”

Do you come from a golfing family? “I do. Both my grandpa and dad golf, so every weekend we will probably go (until we can). It’s fun to have that passed down to me. My brother Isaiah is 13, goes to Bay View and is involved in all kinds of sports, too.”

When did you start? I’ve seen you play…you’re pretty good! “I started when I was like 13, so I got a pretty late start. We became members at Oneida and I really liked it. Now we play at my favorite course, Thornberry. It’s easy, because golf is an individual sport and I can go out and play when I want. I’ve gotten a few lessons along the way, but it’s mainly from just playing more.”

Your freshman teammate Jo Baranczyk was pretty good this year! “She’s pretty good! I love her. Her presence made me feel like I could play better. When she was shooting low scores like she was, I felt like I needed to do the same, so it made me work harder. She’s very humble, so it made me glad she was on my team.”

What was it like golfing for head coach Jeff Johnsen? “Coach is great. I feel like he’s almost my second dad. Whenever I had trouble with something, he was always there for me. He was an amazing coach.”

What’s your most embarrassing golf moment? “There are a lot! I’m very clumsy. Three times this past season, I accidentally hit the ball on my backswing when I was practicing a stroke and the ball went backwards.”

What’s your favorite club in your bag? “My driver.”

How far can you drive it? “On a good day, 250 yards!”

What are your strengths as a golfer? “I would say staying focused. Even after a bad hole, I can usually come back strong.”

How about your weaknesses? “Staying consistent. Sometimes I top a shot and then the next one, I hit it really well.”

Have you ever disc golfed? “I never have, but I live close to a course; it looks fun!”

Do you have a favorite golfer? “Justin Thomas or Jordan Spieth.”

Have you ever attended a PGA event? “I went to Whistling Straights for the PGA Championships two years ago!”

What’s on your music playlist? “Everything. I sometimes listen to country and other times it’s this crazy pop song. I also love going to concerts.”

Who have you seen in concert? “Too many to count! Maybe I’ve gone to 30-40 of them. I saw Taylor Swift in Chicago at Soldier Field – that was my favorite.”

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be? “Kim Kardashian! Just because her lifestyle is like…she gets whatever she wants! I’d just like to see what that’s like for one day.”

What are some of your hobbies? “I am a big artist and love to draw. I love to hang out with my friends and family. I like to go up to my grandma’s on the lake and go tubing.”

Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes? “Lie on the beach.”
Putting or chipping? “Putting.”
Bowling or the movies? “The movies.”
Fruits or veggies? “Fruits.”
Carpet or hardwood floors? “Hardwood floor.”

What three words best describe you? “Funny, artistic, loveable.”

How will Tori Grimm be remembered at Bay Port? “That I like to be friends with everyone, for my personality and golf.”

Food: (gouda) Mac & Cheese (from Republic Chophouse)
Subject: math
Color: white
App: Instagram
Board game: Trouble

Coach Jeff Johnsen’s comments: “Tori was a great leader as a senior. Over the last two years, she has improved on the course through hard work and the rest of the team has followed her. Coming into this year, she was extremely goal-oriented for herself and the team. She finished 11th in scoring in conference play and was a key part of our post-season success. Tori was a joy to have on the team, as she was always supportive of the other girls.  She will be missed after this season, but she can leave knowing that she was a part of our first trip to state.”

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