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Joe’s Texas BBQ opening at new location

By Ben Rodgers
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – Joe’s Texas BBQ will soon have new digs and an expanded menu to go with

The popular BBQ joint will open in the coming weeks at the old Skip’s Diner location at 2052
Holmgren Way.

“We outgrew the old location and we’re starting to concentrate more on our catering and we didn’t
have room for it where we were at,” said Joe Lopez, owner and pit master.

The old location was a converted garage off Ashland. The road construction there from February
to August slowed the restaurant’s walk-in traffic by 80 percent.

Joe’s Texas BBQ was able to stay open due to catering orders.

During the slow down the menu was reduced, but once Joe’s reopens it will have an expanded

“We’re bringing back our brisket and pork tacos, our drunken beans will be coming back, our chili
which we cut back on a little bit will be fired back up again, our stuffed baked potatoes are coming
back and our sandwiches will be a little larger,” Lopez said.

He will also start serving breakfast at the location, and ideally would like to open up around 5:30
or 6 a.m.

He said it won’t be the typical Mexican breakfast; instead it will have more of a Texas twist.

Some items he will serve include scrambled eggs with brisket, huevos rancheros with chorizo and
beans, and Texas-style breakfast burritos.

The new location on Holmgren will be like the old one on Ashland in the fact that it’s a no frills
BBQ spot. Meaning the focus is going to be on the meat, not on the seats.

Joe’s in the past served its sandwiches on regular slices of bread, which will continue because for
Lopez it’s about what’s between the bread.

He even plans to serve his smoked creations on butcher’s wrap.

“We’re not about the bling, we’re about the food,” he said. “If you like the food you don’t care
what’s it’s served on.”

He would also like to import a few different types of sausage for the menu, a staple of central
Texas style he has been serving since 2010.

He said the central Texas style focuses more on rubs and seasoning, not on the sauces.

But for the Waco, Texas native meat is a science. Cooking it properly requires the proper timing
and placement – slow and low – and the moisture levels in different types of meat.

“You got to get the feel for it,” Lopez said. “If it’s not right, I won’t put it out.”

The new location will offer expanded seating. He also plans to be open on Green Bay Packers
game days.

If everything goes right, he would like to open by the end of October, but it could be
delayed as far back until the second week in November.

However, he does have on addition to the restaurant that will come with time.

“There is something we got to get inside these walls,” Lopez said. “We go to get the smoke in

Those who can’t wait for their BBQ fix can order catering by calling 920-530- 7100 or 920-328-
3719, or emailing [email protected].

The catering menu can be found at www.joestexasbarbeque.com.

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