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Student Spotlight: Bitz Steinhoff-Girls Tennis

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

Name        Elizabeth (Bitz) Steinhoff

Sport         Girls Tennis

What is it like to be a leader on the tennis team at Ashwaubenon? “It is fun having teammates come up to me and talk about not only tennis, but also school. Also, it is cool seeing not only the varsity players grow, but the J.V. players buy into what we are doing as a team and build with us.”

What is your most embarrassing moment ever in tennis? “My most embarrassing moment is probably when I was a ball girl for Emily and Marisa (fellow teammates) when they were playing a match. A ball rolled by and I wiped out by tripping over the bench’s leg trying to get up and get it. Emily thought I had knocked out my tooth. It was really embarrassing because it was just a regular practice and I just ate concrete.”

How many years have you been involved in tennis? “I have played tennis for about 5 years.”

What is your most memorable moment in tennis? “The most memorable moment came junior year when Peyton and I upset Green Bay Southwest in three sets.”

What’s the hardest aspect about tennis? “The hardest aspect about tennis is the mental game; knowing that I’m out there by myself, but wanting to get the win for my teammates.”

If you could be somebody for one day, who would it be? “If I could be somebody for one day I would want to be Emily DeLaurelle.”

What are your college aspirations? “I’d like to go to a university for either health or/and exercise science.”

What would be your dream job once you graduate? “My dream job would be doing the same job as Coach Janquart (p.e. teacher).”

What are your hobbies? “My hobbies are anything related to sports and watching history documentaries.”

What is your favorite sporting event ever attended? “My favorite sporting event I ever attended was going to the USSSA Pride softball game.”

What is your favorite kind of music? “My favorite kind of music is country.”

 What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “My favorite thing to do on my phone is to either snapchat or text.”

What three words best describe you? “Three words that best describe me are competitive, inquisitive, and delightful.”

What is your favorite trip(s) ever taken? “My favorite trip that I have taken was when my whole family went to Florida together.”





History or Phy Ed

TV Show:

Murder, She Wrote


Sierra Romero

Board Game:



Kit Kat

Ice Cream:



4th July



Comments from Jaguar Assistant Tennis Coach Raelynn Wingert,

“Bitz has worked extremely hard at her game during these four years. She excelled in doubles in her junior season and made the smooth transition to singles for her senior season to help the team. Her all out hustle on every point is a trait that I wish every girl on our team would have. She truly gives it everything she has in each and every match.”

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