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“Jaguars shutout Wildcats in boys soccer”

By Murray Gleffe, Sports Correspondent

The Ashwaubenon Jaguar soccer team posted a 10-0 win over the Green Bay West Wildcats in a non-conference matchup held at the Cornerstone/Ashwaubenon Sports Complex. Tyler Roethlisberger and Kole Kolinski each netted 4 goals and 3 assists. Kevin Garcia Espinoza and Luke Hansford each had one.

The Jaguars and Wildcats played even soccer for the first 23 minutes of the game. Jaguar Freshman Aiden Christensen got a good look from 15 yards out in the 5th minute but missed wide right of the net. In the 9th minute, the Wildcats tackled Jaguar forward Kole Kolinski just outside the box. It set up a free kick that Kolinski lasered in on goal. However, Wildcat goalie Eli Faymonville made the big save.


Jaguars forward Kole Kolinski prepares to make a move on a Wildcats defender

The Jaguars got their first breakaway chance (just 6 minutes later) taken away when Garcia Lopez flicked a ball to the hard charging Roethlisberger who got ahead of the Wildcat defense. Faymonville made a diving sprawl to keep the ball from going past him. It preserved the scoreless game. The Wildcats then got their best look of the game when Junior (Forward) Sam Noll sent a 25-yard free kick on goal. For all intent purposes, it looked like the Wildcats had scored. The Wildcat fans were cheering. The ball, however, had gone just over the crossbar into the back netting at Cornerstone.

In the 24th minute, the Jaguars finally struck for their first goal. It would be the first of many in a row. Tyler Roethlisberger took a pass from Matt Luebke about 40 yards away. He danced to the outside, and then to the inside. When the dust had settled, Roethlisberger connected on a shot from in close to give the Jaguars a 1-0 lead.

Nine minutes later, the floodgates really opened up. In the 33rd minute, Zak Strzelecki had a throw in from midfield go to Roethlisberger. Two Wildcat defenders fell down, and that is all he needed to calmly put the ball past Faymonville and give the Jaguars a 2-0 lead. 20 seconds later, Roethlisberger stole the ball on the draw and raced down the field untouched to add his 3rd of the game and give the Jaguars a 3-0 lead. Roethlisberger showed (during that 10-minute span) what a workhouse and valuable asset he is to the Jaguars in 2017.

Toward the end of the first half, the Jaguars Kolinski came shooting down the left side of the field and as he was going toward the back end-line, flicked a perfect pass back to Garcia Espinoza who slid the ball through the right half of the netting. It gave the Jaguars a 4-0 lead and they took that margin into halftime.

The Jaguars put the game away in the 51st and 58th minutes when Kolinski and Hansdorf added two insurance goals to put the Jaguars up 6-0. The Jaguars would add four additional goals down the stretch. The game was stopped with the Jaguars leading 10-0 with just over two minutes remaining (due to the ten-goal mercy rule). The Jaguars will be back in action when they host the (FRCC opponent) Manitowoc Ships.

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