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Senior Spotlight: Savannah Huben, Bay Port Cross Country, Track

By Rich Palzewic, Correspondent

Savannah Huben is a senior at Bay Port High School on the girls’ cross country and track teams. Savannah is a three-time state participant in cross country and two times in track, but hopes to add to that resume this year. Huben has won sectionals in cross country the last two seasons and finished second at the Fox River Class Conference meet a year ago. Savannah is not quite sure where she will attend college yet, but plans to run and study physical therapy once there.
Name: Savannah Huben
Parents: Molly & Greg
School: Bay Port
Sports: cross country, track
Twitter: @hubsava
Have you ever participated in any other high school sports? “I did soccer my freshman year, but that was it.”
How about a high school sport you wish you could have done? “I think swimming. I don’t really swim competitively, but I think it would have been fun.”
So no triathlons then? “No, I’ve never done one.”
What’s it like running for Coach Jameson in cross country? “He’s awesome. I feel like him and my other coaches are almost like my second parents and at times I probably see them more than my parents! Coach is amazing and cares about me much more than just as an athlete.”
I see lots of anguish on cross country runners’ faces, but you seem to be immune to that! “I’ve been told that before! I guess it’s just how I run, but it’s hard for me just like everyone else.”
What’s harder, running a cross-country race or doing an 800 or 1,600 in track? “I feel like cross country and track are really different. Cross country you get ready and run your race…you might have spots where you can make up some time. In track, you have to get ready three separate times and it goes by so fast.”
What are your goals this season? “I have big goals. I definitely want to medal at state (top ten) in cross country and just keep knocking off the seconds. Last year for track at state I fell in the 800 towards the end and got a concussion, so I didn’t get to compete in the 4×800. That was hard to deal with, so hopefully I can get back there this year.”
How did you get a concussion during the 800? “I never blacked out, but I had never run a race at that pace. Like the last 20 meters, I felt my legs giving out and all of a sudden, I was down. I didn’t hit my head, but I got the concussion from my neck snapping back.”
What is your favorite local course to run on? “I like our Meadowbrook course and Colburn Park because I like running hills.”
Explain to people what it’s like to run up “Big Bertha,” the sledding hill at Meadowbrook! “I like it because you turn the corner and that’s where all the spectators are cheering your name. It’s cool, motivating and conference is there this season.”
How many miles would you say you run a week? “At the beginning of the season, it’s like 45, but as the season goes on, it drops down into the 30s and then 20s as we closer to the end.”
Any thoughts to ever do a marathon like NYC or Boston? “I would love to someday, but I think that will probably have to wait until I’m through with college.”
What crazy running event would you want to do? “Maybe an ultra-distance event like running across Wisconsin or something.”
What is your most memorable sports moment? “The first time I won sectionals (as a sophomore) because I really didn’t know what I could do as a runner yet.”
What are some of your hobbies? “I like doing art, painting and playing the piano.”
Which teammate should have her own reality TV show? “Senior Jenna Hoffman. She’s so funny, loud and crazy! She’s awesome to hang around.”
Watch the movie or read the book? “Read the book.”
Chocolate or vanilla? “Vanilla.”
Sandals or tennis shoes? “Tennis shoes.”
Fruits or veggies? “Fruits.”
Tiny house or tree house? “Tree house.”
How will you be remembered at Bay Port? “I’m sure I’ll be remembered for running, but I also hope I’m remembered for being a hard worker and someone who is determined.”
Food: popcorn
App: Pinterest
Subject: science
Board game: Clue
Coach Mike Jameson’s comments: “Savannah is a very talented young lady in athletics and academics. She is a captain for our CC team, is very kind and a pleasure to coach. She is driven to excel, has battled setbacks like a champion and has handled successes without ego. She obviously has some great natural talent, but her work ethic and dedication make her unique. She trains hard (the right way), takes care of her nutrition, sleep and recovery. With continued hard work and good health, Savannah is capable of some truly great things on the trails and track this year.”
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